UK: Free From EU Shackles; 2012 Will Be A New Start for British Animals.

The UK has a lot of very old and excellent organisations which campaign long and hard for improvements to animals welfare.  Here ids a link to our other site, Serbian Animals Voice (SAV), which has a section devoted to animal organisations; including links to their own web sites.  Check it out sometime:

The good animal welfare conscious people living in the UK made the subject just one of the reasons why the UK voted to divorce itself from the uselessness of the EU a few years ago. We (WAV and SAV) have always attempted to show the utter failures of the EU when it comes to improving standards for animals.  EU Regulations mean nothing, are hardly ever enforced, which results in massive animal suffering.

The UK voted ‘out’ of the EU so that it can take back control of pathetic legislation which ‘member states’ are forced to comply with.  We wish many other current member states had the willingness to do the same.

The UK officially leaves the EU at the end of 2020.  This will be with or without a trade deal.  If there is no deal, then the UK moves over to WTO rules regarding the EU.  So until the end of 2020; the UK still has to comply with EU regulations; including the pathetic ones associated with animal ‘welfare’.  ‘Welfare’, which includes live animal transport; stalls in which sow pigs are forced to rear their young, rabbit farming, foie gras and much more.

In 2021 the UK will be able (through UK government legislation) to introduce new laws which will meet the wishes of the public and greatly improve animal welfare standards as they wish; one being to stop the live transport (export) of farm animals; an issue we have campaigned about for the last 30+ years.

The current UK government is ‘Conservative’; and will probably remain so for the next 3 or 4 years.  It has a big majority of MP’s (members of Parliament) – around 80; who should be aable to vote through legislation with a degree of ease.

It is only through intensive lobbying and providing the evidence that we, as welfare groups, an be a voice for animals – a voice that eventually brings change.   We trust that from 2021 onwards when the UK is free from the uselessness of the EU, stronger and larger animal welfare laws will be passed into UK law.

Here is a video just released by the ‘Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation’ (CAWF) which outlines the future prospects for UK animals and their legislation.  There are many speakers from the UK government; people who will help to get the new legislation through into law.

Animal Welfare Matters is a new film by the CAWF filmed by a Cannes Film Festival award winning film maker. It urges for an end to live animal exports for slaughter and fattening, pig farrowing crates, cages for egg laying birds and calls for the introduction of clear mandatory labelling so consumers can make an informed choice.

Speakers include: Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith, Minister of State (Minister for Pacific and the Environment) Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP Rt Hon Sir Roger Gale MP Sir David Amess MP Henry Smith MP John Flack former MEP Elise Dunweber Chairman, Esher And Walton Conservative Women’s Organisation Peter Hall (AM) Director, Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Lorraine Platt Co-Founder, Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation Chris Platt Co-Founder Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

It is never easy; you don’t give over 30 years of your campaigning life only to fail; live animal transport bans are that for me.  People and campaigners have the tenacity to fight through to the end; and they will.  Sentient animals deserve better; and with our input we hope they will get it.

Please watch the video; and gain strength that we are moving forward now into 2021 for changes.

If only the Eu was not all talk and do nothing then animals throughout the EU would do better.  That is a matter for citizens of existing member states to vote and make the changes.

Regards Mark.

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