Whyy Does Vegan Food Have To Be Identified As ‘Tastes Like Meat’ ??

WAV Comment: I (Mark) have not eaten any meat for well over 33 years.  I take a vegan diet for a) I consider plant based to be very healthy; non fattening; and b) primarily because of animal welfare issues.  An animal does not die to put something on my plate.

We all have our opinions, but I rather hate the fact (as below) that veggie or vegan food is often sold as ‘vegan steak’, ’vegan bacon’, ‘fishless fillets’ and ‘vegan sausages’ etc.  As a vegan, I do not want to eat things that are supposed to represent steak, bacon or fish.  Because of my hatred for the way animals are abused to produce the same, I simply want a plant based meal that is just that; a plant based meal without the cruelty.

Having a range of plant based products called plant based steak, sausage and fish fillets is typical marketing; but you almost always find that vegans are vegans because they don’t want to be associated with animal abuse or meat in any way.  So pretending then that plant based products taste like steak; bacon or fish are not really on my wavelength.  The only positive to me is that real steak eaters may try the plant based version and then move over to it; improving their health and doing a great deal for the environment.

But for me; veganism has principles; and they include avoiding animal abuses; the environment and better health.  So lets keep vegan food free from ‘tastes like bacon or steak’ labels; and sell it is simply for what it is – ie cruelty free food.  How about labelling them instead as ‘animal abuse free’, or ‘more environmentally friendly’ products.  This approach may even attract yet more custom; those who want to do the right thing and avoid animal suffering whilst doing better for the mush persecuted environment.

Just my view;

Regards Mark

Value Supermarket Morrisons Launches Vegan Steak And Bacon

The new meat alternatives are part of an extensive range including plant-based burgers, sausages, fishless fillets and more


OCT 6, 2020


Morrisons has launched a major new line of vegan meat under its V-Taste branding.

The value supermarket’s new offering includes a range of options including vegan steak (£3) and vegan bacon (£2.50).

Among the other plant-based meat alternatives are fishless fillets (£2), burgers (£2.50), and two styles of sausages – chorizo and Cumberland (£2.50).

Morrisons vegan meat

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, a Morrisons spokesperson described the bacon as ‘thick cut rashers’, which they said are the ‘perfect pairing to a butty on a Sunday’.

The steak, they added, are ‘high in fiber and a source of protein’, and match well with any traditional steak sauces.

The fishless fillets are described as ‘flaky’, and are made from fava beans and rice, coated in a breading.

Morrisons vegan options

Morrisons initially launched its V Taste range towards the end of 2018. It started as a line with around 10 products, including two flavors of vegan cupcakes – red velvet and chocolate – as well as a number of savory dishes like Lentil Hotpot among others.

The line was described as being value for money, with all items priced between £1 and £3.

Since the launch, Morrisons has consistency expanded the range, adding items like pigs in blankets, a foot-long vegan sausage roll, and mozzarella sticks among others.

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