Idaho, Utah (USA): 2000 captured minks freed

From the Animal Liberation Press Office website, received anonymously:

Late this summer animal liberation activists carried out two raids on fur farms in Idaho and Utah. Fencing was ripped down and nearly 2,000 mink were released allowing them to clamor toward freedom.

Both farms sat near the edges of mostly undeveloped public lands, allowing plenty of habitat for the newly freed native predators.

Walking through a large field, quietly climbing a barbed-wire cattle fence, and crossing the road in clear view of the house associated with the first farm proved easy. It became clear there was no visible electronic security, and the activists bet heavily that the faint barking was from a neighbor’s property, or at least from a dog contained within the fur farmer’s house.

Cage after cage, row after row, shed after shed, latches were opened and nesting boxes removed allowing the mink to escape to their rightful home.

They spaced out the releases in order to disperse the noise from disturbing mink away from a singular location. The surreal and beautiful moment where the mink explored in the moonlight will be carried in the hearts of those that gazed upon them for a lifetime.

The approving chorus from coyotes in the nearby hills still echoes in their ears.

Days later, these activists found themselves before another sprawling fur farm complex.

For more…at


Bigger liberations and more of them.
Until the bloody business is over.
We are on the right track, one country after another is abolishing the fur industry.

There is nothing more to say, except many thanks to the activists.

My best regards to all, Venus

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