“The Julian Assange case is not a trial. It’s a fuck-up.”

“An angry speech: Peoples of the world, finally listen: Julian Assange is a political prisoner.
The Julian Assange case is not a trial. It’s a fuck-up.
If Assange is shipped to the US, investigative journalism will be dead”.

(Berlin, October 1, 2020.
The picture shows a protester in orange overalls and a Julian Assange mask in front of the British embassy in Berlin)

Julian Assange, he’s already become a symbol of freedom of the press. And the truth in general.

When rulers commit crimes and take refuge under the protection of state secrecy, the bond between the ruled and rulers is severed.
In a democracy, there can be no legitimate secrecy protection for crimes committed by individuals. A justice system that goes along with this becomes an accomplice.

And a public that is silent about it did not understand democracy and ultimately did not deserve it.

In a world full of lies, someone who operates a truth machine is dangerous for the system – because this system lives on the secret, only acts secretly!

“Punish one, raise a hundred,” said Mao Tse-Tung.

This is the educational spectacle and signal to all who want to reveal and publish the truth about crimes against human and non-human animals.
It affects us animal rights activists too because we are putting this system at risk.

In 1997, animal liberators in the US were sentenced to 82 years in prison. The FBI is dealing with the animal liberators today.

Everyone who drives this system to bankruptcy will feel its power. We remember the death of animal rights activist Reagan Russel- whose death was never cleared as murder.

Therefore this process has to burst. Assange has to be released. If this does not happen, there is a direct risk to everyone’s freedom of thought and expression

Your turn is next.


My best regards to all, Venus

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