legality doesn’t dictate morality

“American slavery was legal. Human genocide was legal. Eating dog meat is legal.

Abusing and murdering non-human animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, and fish is currently legal.

But as we know legality doesn’t dictate morality.

What side of history do you want to stand on when it comes to stamping out this injustice?”

Anonymous for the Voiceless

And I mean…if resistance is to become a reality, then people have to know what injustice is.
And that injustice has the same weight for all living beings, does not depend on color, race, or species.

But we know that people are purposely brought up in a racist manner in their morals, in their selections, in their thinking.
The system leads people to factory behavior – standardized, dependent, systematically managed, and monitored until they are disempowered

Almost everyone sells their soul to the meat industry and is given the freedom to eat meat in return.

That answers the question – that’s all!

Regards and good night, Venus


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