Pathological perversity: colored chicks

For years, mainly in Asia, it has been observed that brightly colored chicks are given away to children.

But anyone who thinks it’s just a trend from Asia is wrong.

The coloration of the animals is a perversity that has already arrived in Austria from Asia via Turkey.

At Easter, in particular, the business with colorful chicks is booming in the USA and, as already mentioned, in Europe. If you search for colorful chicks on Twitter, you will also find something in markets in Spain.

By far the cruelest images of this practice come from the holiday paradise of Thailand.

In the scorching heat of Thailand, the chicks are packaged for sale in plastic – but since the plastic bags are airtight and contain neither water nor food, the birds suffer terrible agony.

As you can see in the video: the staining method is pretty brutal. Dozens of chicks are thrown into a pot, colored over it, and then stirred in the pot for minutes as if they were objects and not living beings.

Another way to color the chicks is to squirt food coloring directly into the eggs.

The animals are then packed in plastic bags for sale.


Normal “common sense” will tell you that this cannot be healthy for the animals.

But the main issue is not whether the chemicals cause direct harm to the animals.
The much bigger problem is selling the chicks to children as a present.

Animals are not there to be given to children.

They cannot treat the chicks responsibly, because as soon as they get their natural color on the feathers again, children are bored.

If the chicks get their normal plumage, then they are of no interest, and the animals either end up in the trash or in the animal shelter.

And because the boom is so popular with colored chicks, bunnies are also colored for Easter!

Christmas is at our door, and every year the same thing happens again: fun at the expense of the animals.

Don’t take part.
Teach your children to be responsible for animals and to respect their dignity and freedom.

Never buy animals as gifts.
If we don’t do that with people, then we shouldn’t do it with animals either!

My best regards to all, Venus


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