Germany: private battlefields!

What’s going on with Germany’s farmers ?!

In Baden-Württemberg, south Germany, a country butcher stunned his cattle with gunshots from a long gun.

Outwardly, the farm presented itself as an idyllic butcher’s shop, but behind the facade, the animals stood in their own feces.
Before being slaughtered, he stuns them with shots from a long gun – absolutely illegal.


“It was filmed in secret for three weeks,” says Philip Hermann from the organization Butcher Against Animal Murder.
“This is a trustworthy butcher who runs a family farm. The keeping of the animals and the slaughtering process are so cruel that it is hard to imagine.”

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Some explanations about the video: Philipp Herrmann visits the crime scene with the journalist, where the organization “Butchers Against Animal Murder” secretly filmed the “animal-friendly” stable for three weeks.

He himself used to be a butcher, today he campaigns for animals.

The farmer shoots and does not hit the cow. She falls on the floor with full consciousness.
He doesn’t shoot again until two and a half minutes later.
In addition, because there are other animals around, there is a risk of accidents, according to the veterinarian and animal welfare officer.
The cow is then carried to the slaughterhouse with a crane, and you can clearly see that it was not completely hit by the farmer’s shots, so it is still alive.
The recordings show that it is not re-stunned.
The cow is cut up in this condition, although it is completely smeared with feces. Violation of the hygiene regulations
You can see how the animals are kept in the excrement up to the knee.
The vet doctor finds the images shocking.

The reporter then visits the butcher’s shop, which delivers “own” meat.
She orders turkey steaks and asks if everything comes from one source.

The butcher proudly says: “It’s all our own production, we do everything ourselves, we have our own farm, if you need something for Christmas, you would get it too”.

When the reporter leaves the shop, you can see how many meat eaters are waiting to buy meat from the farmer next door without suffering.
Or rather, to pay dearly for the farmer’s lie.

You can then see in the recordings with what good conscience these consumers can buy the turkey from this “animal-friendly” farm

The turkeys are slaughtered without anesthesia. Their necks are twisted and left bleeding on the ground.

When confronted with the farmer, he claims:” I almost always hit when I shoot, the one in the video was just an exception.
I did everything to make the animals feel good”.

As soon as the activist says that he cuts the turkeys himself and makes them bleed and suffer, he replies … no, he doesn’t … “this is all an exaggeration … the activist should leave the court, immediately”!!

Although he hired his lawyer to take over the matter, he couldn’t help much too!

The veterinary office has revoked his license to slaughter animals.
And he has to hand over the animals by the end of the year.
Only the butcher’s shop remains open !!

Maybe he comes up with the idea of transforming the butcher’s shop into a barbershop.

My best regards to all, Venus

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