Commoditization of animals


“Can you imagine if the day of your execution was planned the moment you were born?

This is a reality for every animal killed in the meat, dairy, and egg industries”.


Speaker: Gary Yourofsky


And I mean…Meat is a big business.
More precisely, a very big business.

Wherever we look, meat is practically everywhere.
Obviously you need a lot of animals to produce as much meat as is bought, sold, and consumed in our society.

In 2003, ten billion animals were killed in slaughterhouses in the United States alone. That is more than 27 million animals a day, today there are many more.

The situation worldwide is that more than 50 billion animals – mainly chickens, but of course also cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, and turkeys – are slaughtered for their meat every year. That is more than five times the human population on earth.

But nobody cares about which animals this meat comes from.

The meat mafia has long been aware of the disgust it would cause consumers to learn how animals are kept, abused, and slaughtered.
Therefore, the meat industry invests a lot of money to keep the system of animal exploitation secret, or to fake it.

The organic farms with the happy cows in the pasture, the humanely slaughtered animals, the animal-friendly farm next door… these are all myths that help us to remain either uninformed or misinformed.

Myths are the meat industry’s tools to make meat-eaters think of what they are going to eat, and not the suffering of the animals they eat.

We never tire of saying: Eating meat is not normal, not natural, and not necessary.
Eating meat is murder.

And everyone who eats meat is complicit in this murder.

My best regards to all, Venus


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