Seven murder towers demolished in Czechia

from the website of “North American Animal Liberation Press Office”

Seven hunting towers have been damaged in the north of Czechia. The object is located on a hot-spot of carbofuran poisonings.

Carbofuran is a very toxic chemical widely used by hunters to get rid of natural predators. Intoxication results in respiratory failure and painful dead of the animal.

No prisoners have been convicted.

More towers are about to go down.

7 Hunting Towers Damaged (Czech Republic)

At least from these places, no more animals will be shot.
Thanks to the brave activists!

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Investigation by SEED Reveals Sick and Injured Cows Shocked with Electric Prods.

A recently released undercover investigation by animal protection group SEED reveals cows being kicked, shocked with electric prods, and left to die at a live animal auction. On top of the abuse, according to SEED, the investigator uncovered the possibly illegal removal of cow’s ID tags—which could disrupt the tracking of dangerous diseases.

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