Indecent Proposal


We got an interesting mail from the Animal Liberation Press Office!

Two men who signed up for the FBI were visiting a well-known animal rights activist and press officer and asked him if he would be willing to work with law enforcement.

They had specific ideas about how this “cooperation” should work

They wanted to somehow protect the animal rights movement of “extremists” so that these ones would not invade the ranks of animal rights groups.

They asked the activists if he would be willing to be a link between law enforcement and the animal rights scene.
In modern language, this is called having an informant, but you don’t spit that out at the first meeting!

The activist said he doesn’t answer questions and certainly doesn’t want to work with law enforcement agencies.
The rest, highly interesting, is in this article.

FBI Visits Animal Liberation Press Officer’s Home (New York)

Obviously, animal rights activism has become so intense and widespread that this system, which is responsible for animal slavery and animal exploitation, is already worrying.

We publish this interesting case preventively.
You never know which “proposal” may come next.
And above all by whom.

My best regards to all, Venus