Corona measures: we only cure to the symptoms

Pandemics, environmental destruction, resistant germs …

Massive rainforest destruction for animal feed, factory farming, manure, destruction of the rainforest for palm oil plantations, wild animal markets and and and.

More and more monocultures are being grown and land grabbing, especially rainforests is being sacrificed for this.
The loss of the “green lung” of the Amazon is irrevocable and no government takes action to stop it.

Primarily responsible: Customers of the animal industries of leather, fur, feathers, wool, and the consumers of animal products, i.e. milk/milk product, meat/meat products, eggs…

The farmers deny it again and again, but currently, 85-90% of global soy yields end up in animal husbandry.
The greed for animal products grows every day and carries many risks, not only for animals.

The environmental organization Germanwatch shows very clearly: 35 percent of the chickens examined were contaminated with germs that are resistant to so-called reserve antibiotics.

This, our greed is also the alleged propagator and cause of many pandemics:
Ebola, Spain flu, swine flu, bird flu, Malaria, HIV, SARS-COV-2 SARD-COV (new).

The next pandemics are on the march and will come out of a stable again if we carry on as before.

The latest example: Denmark! where coronavirus mounted on mink farms and passed on to humans.
This is where the topic of multi-resistant germs comes into play, which was mentioned above.

We finally have to see the connections.

But we deny it! Instead, we slaughter millions of animals to protect the disease breeding grounds of the meat/milk/fur industry and in the end, we only fight the symptoms of self-created diseases.

There is only one way to counteract this trend:

An immediate exit from intensive animal husbandry.
Tax incentives for businesses that rely on future-oriented, plant-based agriculture.
Tax relief for vegan products.
The tax burden on animal products.

All of this must be decided immediately.

Einstein said: “You can’t solve a problem if you think the same way you did when you created it”

Rethinking has a top priority!


My best regards to all, Venus