for animal abusers…

who treats animals as a piece of shit
is itself one shit

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Nuremberg zoo discuss publicly the murder of lion “Subali”!

The Nuremberg zoo is considering killing the male lion Subali.

The animal is apparently sterile. In the zoo, they speak of a “species protection dilemma”(!!)
Rescue for the lion is still possible.

The male lion Subali with his dark mane is one of the biggest attractions in the Nuremberg zoo. Since the lion came to the zoo in August 2018, the zookeepers have been waiting for offspring.
So far in vain.

Because the lioness Aarany is much younger, the zoo assumes that it is Subali and that the 14-year-old lion is sterile.

Subali the lion is threatened with death

The Nuremberg zoo may therefore be forced to kill Subali.
Zoo boss Dag Encke brought this up in an interview himself.

He justifies this with the lack of space in the zoo and a “dilemma of species protection”.

It is a statutory mandate of zoos and zoos to “manage populations in order to be able to preserve species in the long term,” said Encke.

If an animal is sterile and you can’t breed, that’s a problem (!!!)

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And I mean: Since when has murder been publicly discussed?
Since when have zoos been responsible for species protection?
Since when have the zoos been breeders?

By the way: the zoo in Nuremberg is extremely outdated, for this reason, the zoo director has no right to talk about species protection.

The animals cannot be kept in a species-appropriate manner.

The griffin cannot fly, the cheetah lies in the sand all day, surrounded by walls, the giraffe has only 30 meters to run. Really tragic.

So far, no other zoo wants to take Subali.
It is possible to transfer the animal to another zoo.
But which zoo makes room for an old and sterile lion that is no longer making money?

Now the Circus Krone has intervened!!
Which still makes money in wildlife shows and has a very bad reputation as a business.

“I wrote an e-mail to the zoo director. I’ll try to save the lion,” said Martin Lacey, the circus lion trainer.

We can imagine what the trainer understands by rescue.

Some from the zoo business want to kill Subali, others from the circus business want him with whips hit, train, and cart through the country.

And so we give the animal only two alternatives, euthanize or trained and tortured for the rest of his life.
Both are just shit!

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England: 1/11/20 Is ‘World Vegan Day’. Lots Here for You To Enjoy.

Have a great World Vegan Day

Viva ! Vegan recipes for you to prepare and enjoy:

Happy World Vegan Day! We’ve put together some of our favourite recipes from around the world to celebrate this amazing international cuisine. 

We’ve just launched our incredible new programme V7 where users can try vegan for a week! You’ll receive a complete shopping list for seven days of delicious recipes, plus handy tips and advice. 

Our guest chef this month is the incredible TJ Waterfall (Meat Free Fitness) – specialising in vegan sports nutrition, he has provided us with some healthy and incredibly delicious recipes: win, win! 

We’d like to whet your appetite for when international travel is back on the agenda – take a vicarious journey to Paris with our guide to this plant-based city of delights! 

Sending you lots of love during this challenging time.

Happy cooking, eating and reading ♥
The Vegan Recipe Club Team

Check out all the Viva ! Podcasts on a whole range of animal / vegan issues by clicking on the following link:

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Press propaganda made in Germany: “wolves kill sheep, spread fear”.


There are more and more: Wild wolves on the advance in Germany!

Bonn, Germany – Wolves continue to spread in Germany, as recent figures from the authorities show.

Wolves kill sheep and spread fear (!!!)

According to the latest official census, there are 128 wolf packs, 35 pairs, and 10 sedentary individual wolves in Germany – significantly more than a year earlier.

“The wolf population in Germany is increasing,” said Beate Jessel, President of the Federal Office.

The wolf population has continued to increase, particularly in the north and northwest. For the first time in ten years, a sedentary wolf was confirmed in the Bavarian Alps.

“After traffic accidents, illegal killing is the second leading cause of death,” said Jessel.

In contrast, there is no confirmed wolf attack on humans.


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And I mean…They all agree on lies, harm, and propaganda.
Hunter, farmer, politician, press…
The German press has become a hideous servant of German politics.

Hunters and farmers decide the life and death of the wolf, the politicians only approve.

The farmers complain when once a year the wolf takes its food from their herds.
The farmers will slaughter their animals anyway – more cruel and senseless than the wolf does.
And with every loss, the farmers get compensation.

The hunters, on the other hand, run to the aid of the farmers, animal killers always keep looking together.

And then we also have the press, which feeds and strengthens the hatred against these animals with dirty arguments.

Editor-in-chief of the New York Times, John Swinton, in 1880 stated:

“The business of us journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie freely, to falsify, to crawl at the feet of Mammon and our country and his Selling people for their daily bread … We are the tools and vassals of rich people behind the scene.

We are the puppets, they pull the strings and we dance.
There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion”.

This article proves Swinton’s opinion down to the last detail.

My best regards to all, Venus