Tönnies will slaughter in China in the future

The Tönnies group of companies is building a slaughterhouse in China for up to six million pigs a year.
The company is convinced of growth in Asia.

Together with the Dekon Group, a subsidiary of the West Hope Group, the Tönnies slaughterhouse will set up a slaughtering and cutting center for initially two million pigs in the Sichuan region.

In a second step, this can be expanded to up to six million pig slaughterings per year. The corresponding contract was signed by the partners this week.

The joint venture started in September last year with a joint letter of intent between the two companies. Construction and technical implementation should begin in a few months.

The Tönnies group of companies is aiming for its first production site outside of Europe.

Tönnies: Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

“This joint venture is a milestone for our international development,” said Clemens Tönnies, the managing partner of Tönnies Holding.

Total investment of 500 million euros


For more…athttps://worldanimalsvoice.com/2021/01/05/tonnies-will-slaughter-in-china-in-the-future/


And I mean…Tönnies operates large slaughterhouses abroad, for example in Poland and Denmark, and is Germany’s largest butcher.

He also has plans to build a very modern slaughterhouse in the Spanish province of Aragon.
At least that’s what the Spanish newspaper “Helaldo” reports.

The meat cutting process should be fully automated and supported by robots. Up to 625 pigs could be slaughtered per hour.

That would be 70,000 animals a week. Tönnies wants to invest 75 million euros there and create up to 1,000 jobs.

The slaughterhouse in Aragon has been planned for some time. According to the newspaper, the city council of Calamocha has been in talks with Tönnies for five years (!!!)

At the request of the “Handelsblatt”, the company said the project was still at a very early stage. There is a “Letter of Intent”, the contract planning is still ongoing.

According to “Heraldo”, the meat from Calamocha is to be marketed primarily in Spain and the EU.
Spain has recently become the world’s largest exporter of pork.

The planned meat factory in Spain is to be built by 2024 at the latest

Tönnies’ grand plans in China are not just expansion.

Because of the outbreak of African swine fever in German wild boars, China, an important customer of Tönnies, has stopped importing pork from all over Germany for the time being.

That is why the company wants to build large slaughterhouses in a joint venture with the Dekon Group there.

Everyone who eats meat, regardless of its type and origin, should be ashamed to collaborate in such businesses.

This applies to all meat-eaters… in China, Spain, Germany, Poland, Australia …

For their own enjoyment or profit, they let others do the killing for them and with their consumption, they help animal killers to do the bloody business with animals in the billions.

Factory farming is nothing more than legalized cruelty to animals.

Anyone who buys animal products signs the contracts with, for this cruelty to animals – everyone and in every country !!

My best regards to all, Venus


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