Serbia: Terrible Animal Suffering On Farm – But Serbian Agricultural Ministry Say ‘All Is Ok’ !!!

This new footage of a farm in Serbia has been forwarded to us.


Here is the video link to the new footage:


Once again; we are informed that the Serbian Ministry – the Chief of Veterinary Inspections at the Ministry of Agriculture have informed journalists and newspapers that ‘everything is ok’ !!


We would argue that the footage shown in the video does NOT show that everything is ok; quite the opposite.  But once again we have a Serbian government ministry living on a different planet to everyone else.  They appear to be able to see everything through rose coloured spectacles when everyone else sees only helplessness and misery for animals involved.


We have been in similar circumstances before; and guess what; when we questioned the terrible conditions in which cattle was kept in the past; the same Ministry replied with the very same comment – that everything is ok.


Here are the links to our old posts; which show the disgusting conditions in which cattle was being kept.  But as we say, all ‘ok’ in the eyes of the government Ministry Chief Veterinary Inspector.



We have provided the footage to our friends and colleagues at CIWF here in London –  – and they in turn have put both their Polish and Czech Republic office / campaigners onto this.


We are sending the footage to the EU Enlargement Commission who are responsible for monitoring Serbia’s application to become a member state of the EU.  This is not satisfactory animal welfare – the keeping of animals – especially if they are destined to end up in the human food (meat) chain.  The EU needs to take action and get Serbia to clean up its act in ALL areas of animal welfare.


We have worked with CIWF on this issue and have also asked that they provide evidence to the EU regarding in this instance what is an obvious abuse of farm animals / possible animals entering the human food chain.  We hope that the EU will make representations on this issue to the Serbian Veterinary Ministry, but as with most EU / animal welfare issues and the EU association with Serbia; we do not expect much !


If there is any further news regarding this issue we will naturally bring it to you – SAV.


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