A day in the life of a giant baby

Mattis’s day started normally today with the fact that he and his buddy Dina looked at the weather.

All the uncles and aunts that one could visit are in the same stable or in the immediate vicinity, but that is no reason to neglect beloved rituals during the stable season.


Then it’s off to the cool bathroom under the cow cleaning machine.

A giant baby can hardly fit under there, but hygiene should not be neglected.
Someone simply bends down a bit and takes advantage of the fact that one of these practical devices was attached at the ideal bottom height.

Then the next appointment is with mom, who checks the cleanliness and quickly goes back to the places where
one of them didn’t get there so well himself.

Mummy is just the best!

Now it’s finally time for a round of games and Aunt Chaya even missed a bale of straw.
This is immediately exploited by splitting the thing up and putting up a bold new hairstyle with it.

After all, Mom is not looking at the moment, Ochse has to take advantage of that.

After that, it’s almost time again to go to bed, put on the captain’s pajamas and end another day of adventure happily.


And we mean…This is how we want animals to live, and nothing else than that.

My best regards to all, Venus


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