Beauties of nature -the mandarin duck

The mandarin duck is a species of bird from the duck-bird family that is native to East Asia.

Like the wood duck, it belongs to the genus Aix.

In Europe, there are isolated overgrown park populations that have arisen from captive refugees.
The mandarin duck is one of the “glossy ducks”, whose name comes from the metallic sheen of their plumage.

It is one of the medium-sized ducks and reaches a body length between 41 and 51 centimeters.

The males weigh between 571 and 693 grams.
The females are slightly lighter with a weight between 428 and 608 grams.

The magnificent, colorful drake is easy to recognize by its green-metallic forehead, the chestnut-brown “whiskers”, the large white stripes over the eyes, and the strikingly large orange-colored wing feathers that are set up like a sail.

The gray-brown female is comparatively inconspicuous, has a white eye-ring with an elongated eyeliner, a white chin, and a spotted underside.

Mandarin ducks are very insensitive to cold.

Since they are also very local, they can be kept free in Central Europe.
They look for their food mainly in the country, where they also swallow large seeds such as acorns and beechnuts whole.

In China, the mandarin duck is a symbol of marital fidelity because of its distinctly monogamous way of life, as the ducks only change partners after a year.

In the Qing Dynasty, it was also used as a badge for civil servants of the 7th rank.

Fortunately, this type of duck is relatively seldom hunted because its meat is not considered to be tasty.

According to the IUCN, it is considered not to be endangered.

Text: “Together for the animals”

We very rarely hear that an animal species is not endangered.
And we are very happy about it!

regards and good night, Venus


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