Nederland: new virus from the torture industry

The alarms have been activated again in the Netherlands due to the appearance of a new respiratory disease that could have mutated and is being transmitted from goats to humans.

Researchers are studying the significant increase in human cases of pneumonia that are occurring in populations near the country’s goat farms.

According to studies carried out so far, the risk of contracting pneumonia increases between 20% and 55% in people who live near these farms.

Q fever killed 95 people 10 years ago

This is not the first time that a respiratory disease associated with goat farms has been transmitted to humans in the Netherlands. In 2007, an outbreak of Q fever killed 95 people and took three years to control, infecting thousands of people.

50,000 goats used to produce milk were slaughtered by the government to try to control the disease.

The terrible conditions that animals endure on factory farms; overcrowding, the overuse of antibiotics, and low genetic diversity make factory farming the perfect breeding ground for pathogens to spread according to recent studies.

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And I mean…First of all, we lock up everything that is useful to us and torture that which cannot defend itself!

We create animal quality industries (meat/meat products, milk/dairy products, eggs, fish, animal skin …) stuffed full of antibiotics and hormones, are raped, tortured, tortured, and their babies are robbed and/or murdered over and over again, and when Ebola, SARS, SPAIN FLU, SWINE FLU, BIRD FLU, FLU, HANTA, MALARIA, HIV, SARS-COV-2, SARD-COV (new) arise and threaten us with contagion, we operate the well-known method of mass destruction.

Obviously, we haven’t learned anything from any of these signals.

Even worse is the fact that we have not yet overcome fascism.
Because the crimes against billions upon billions of non-human animals in the animal torture industry continue.

My best regards to all, Venus


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