Media and Corona: narratives over facts and never tell the whole story

Wuhan, where Covid-19 was first identified, has now returned to a life resembling that before the virus swept in after China was able to control the outbreak of the disease with strict but necessary lockdown measures.

Seeing Wuhan’s success ought to bring a ray of hope to those around the world facing the worst of their country’s outbreaks; yet, in their annual retrospectives, American media is downplaying China’s successful containment measures and casting them as somehow an attack on core Western values.

The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and other outlets have indeed pointed out the fact that life in Wuhan has returned to normal, showing pictures of maskless night clubs, large celebrations, and other functions totally unfamiliar at this point to many across the world.

But, according to these outlets, the measures were harsh and came at a “huge personal cost” to Wuhan residents.

These outlets also went on to lambast a new museum in Wuhan that details the city’s harrowing battle with the virus.

According to them, the museum and other patriotic media reports about the events that took place in Wuhan are part of a “narrative” that the Communist Party of China (CPC) is trying to spin.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Wuhan ©  REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

China has spent much of the past year trying to spin the narrative of the pandemic as an undisputed victory led by the ruling Communist Party,” the New York Times wrote.

The paper also noted, although, with a different choice of words, that people in Wuhan believe the “narrative” and view early missteps in handling the outbreak with some level of forgiveness after seeing the abject failures of countries like the United States.

When one simply looks at the numbers, there is really no need to “spin” any “narrative” in the first place.

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And I mean...China has been very impressive in its management of the virus.

China has done the right thing against Corona, USA and we are still plaguing and suffer from the same measures that China introduced in the first 2/3 months and kept strict, closed its borders, drastic measures that worked.

That is why the West responds with provocative accusations without reality.

A year ago, British newspapers said China had to pay reparations for the Coronavirus because the virus originated from China.
Today’s’ virus strain comes from Britain.
Wuhan returns to normal whilst the UK variant virus is exported to others.

Regardless of how China treats animals, that China has no animal welfare, practices massive animal testing, wildlife markets, and still operates the world’s worst fur farms … a correct and objective awareness is required so that one stays on the right political side.

My best regards to all, Venus

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