Bulgaria: Close the Lovech Zoo!

#Close Cruel Cages: Six bears in concrete pits at Lovech Zoo!

Six bears, two tigers, and two lions are kept under terrible conditions at the Lovech Zoo in Bulgaria.

Image: Four Paws

The concrete and outdated enclosures are neither suitable for keeping animals in a species-appropriate manner nor for accommodating other animals.
The zoo must prevent the animals from reproducing and must not accept new bears.

Nevertheless, the brown bears continue to reproduce, the last cub was born in January 2020.

During a visit in January 2021, a FOUR PAWS team got a picture on site. We were particularly shocked by the concrete enclosure of three bears. It had no natural vegetation, no places to retreat or hide.

At the time of our visit, the floor was covered with feces.

Image: Four paws

The enclosures for the bears, lions, and tigers as well as those for some of the other animal species in the zoo are far removed from species-appropriate housing conditions and we see no possibility of converting them into suitable enclosures.

We, therefore, demand an end to breeding and the relocation of animals for which no suitable facilities can be made available.

Image: Four Paws

Support our work for a better life for animals in Bulgarian zoos and sign the petition here: http://bit.ly/cages-bulgaria

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

Additional information: The lion cubs Simba and Kossara are the youngest victims to be born in a cruel cage, this time in a small and aging public institution in the town of Blagoevgrad in southwestern Bulgaria.

Her birth in early July, which allegedly was the result of inbreeding, was kept secret, but a few days later the media found out about it and reported on the little weakened pups.

In response to public pressure, the local authorities in Blagoevgrad organized the puppies to be taken to a veterinary clinic in the capital Sofia.

FOUR PAWS offered advice from experienced game rangers and rescuers for the puppies to give them the best possible care and medical care they urgently needed.

But the responsible authorities avoided meeting FOUR PAWS and at the end of August arranged that the pups should be secretly taken to an equally horrific facility in Bulgaria.

As a result, Kossara and Simba have ended up in a cruel cage in Varna, in a similarly unsuitable and hopeless situation as they were when they were born.

It is the fourth time in three years that lion cubs have been born in Bulgaria under appalling conditions and with bleak prospects.

For years, the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water has legalized unsuitable facilities where various species of wildlife are kept by granting them a zoo permit without ensuring that they meet standards of husbandry and education.
Even the still illegal facilities have been allowed to continue to keep and breed wildlife.

This suffering has to stop. We need your help to save Simba, Kossara, and other wildlife like them from living in these cruel cages, and we urge the Bulgarian Prime Minister and the European Commissioner for the Environment to see Bulgaria end the legalization of inappropriate wildlife management!


We have to try.
At the moment we cannot offer these victims any other alternative besides the petition and the mobilization of the media.
Therefore: Sign the petition and share

My best regards to all, Venus


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