The film ‘The Scam’- poultry industry in Israel

Documentation of the disposal of laying hens – worldwide
As the chickens’ egg-laying yield decreases, the poultry industry rushes to dispose of them at a young age

The method used in Israel and around the world is to use an electric vehicle and to kill the animals with an electric shock.

In this video is the case in the Czech Republic

You can see workers simply filling trash cans in the barn with animals.
Most of them suffocate and from there spill into a large container.
This method is illegal in Israel

However, a few years ago we were able to document this violation twice.
In two different chicken coops in the Sharon area and most likely – according to the undercover worker video that nobody knows – it is proven that in most cases this method is also used here in Israel.

The industry wants to accelerate the destruction process.

It is very difficult to take over and dispose of a basket of hundreds of thousands of laying hens.
And if you take them out one by one, it can take days and that costs money and time, this cruel method saves both.

The tortured chickens pay the price to maximize profits

With cruelty and slow death, they will suffocate in the can along with the rest of their sisters.

You can find more information about the poultry industry in Israel in the film “The Scam” below:

Glass Walls

And I mean…The video is of course linguistically inaccessible to most of us
But still, after the first five minutes, you have the feeling that you know these pictures. That this or similar pictures have been seen.

That is why this video speaks a universal language.

Every country in the world practices this fascist system of exploitation of the “other” animals.
Animals suffer from the violence of those who have rights, of people.

And that all over the world.

Even the very best animal protection law does not grant animals any rights, but only restricts the power of disposition of humans against animals.

The best that can happen to them is mercy or pity, and we know how slim those prospects are.

Every special video actually has the function of unveiling the injustice and making the invisible visible.
Because the animal industry relies on isolation and total secrecy.

There are many ways to give voice to the other species and to make their pain public and express it.
We have cleared up to their lawyers.

No method is better or worse than the other, each has its special moment when it can develop its power and effect.

Realizing this is the really more important basis of animal rights defense.

My best regards to all, Venus


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