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Our main site has now moved to World Animals Voice at  World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world.

When possible; we do also try to repeat all articles here; but this is not always possible; so we have to group several articles together and let you select.  This is the situation here; where you will fine a listing of recent articles.

UK: Government Minister Says – “We Must Be the Last Generation To Industrialise Animals”, and He promotes Veganism. – World Animals Voice

Ireland: Introducing ‘Ethical Farming Ireland’ – A Voice For The Animals. Check Them Out. – World Animals Voice

USA: ‘Indigo’ – Joaquin Phoenix Speaks About ‘Los Angeles Animal Save’ To Help Rescue a Mother and Baby Cow From An L.A. slaughterhouse. – World Animals Voice

England: Spring Is Here – Pictures From Pauline. – World Animals Voice

Interesting Article From idausa: What Is Zoochosis ? – Basically, Psychosis That Develops in Animals Held Captive in Zoos. – World Animals Voice

Thailand: Inhumane Treatment of Bua Noi & Primates in Pata Zoo – Please Sign and Demand Freedom To Sanctuary Home. – World Animals Voice

Belize: ‘Teeming with biodiversity’: green groups buy Belize forest to protect it ‘in perpetuity’. – World Animals Voice

Vietnam: Lets Get Cam the Bear Out of His Bile Farm Cage Now – Please Donate If You Can. – World Animals Voice

C’est Assez! supports the European Citizens’ Initiative #StopFinningEU to end the European Union’s shark fin trade. – World Animals Voice

The rapid closing of dolphinariums poses a threat to dolphins. – World Animals Voice

Beef production drives deforestation five times more than any other sector. – World Animals Voice

Lebanon: From ‘Animals Lebanon’ – Shocking video! Beautiful Dog Dragged Behind Car! Rescued and Now in Safe Hands. Driver Arrested and Issue Now With ISF. – World Animals Voice

Thursday 22/4 is the Official ‘Earth Day’. – World Animals Voice

WHO Calls for a Ban on Sale of Live Wild Mammals for Consumption. – World Animals Voice

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