Alt Tellin, Germany: the Fukushima of meat industry

Alt Tellin: For the meat industry, the Alt Tellin fire is something like the Fukushima reactor disaster is for nuclear power.

In the pig breeding facility Alt Tellin (one of the largest in Europe), more than 55,000 animals perished in agony on March 30, 2021.  (

There was no effective fire protection, the rescue services could not save anything from the stables, only 1,300 pigs were loaded back into the trucks alive and driven to the next slaughterhouse.

The stables were completely burned down

30.03.2021, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Alt Tellin:

The worst prognoses of the animal rights activists, even from the time before the establishment of the fattening plant in 2012, have been confirmed.
Because of attacks against the environment and animal welfare, there was then a court case as to whether the facility could be granted a permit.

101 violations alone were registered between 2011 and 2014, according to a response from the ministry to a request from the left-wing parliamentary group. Even then, that would have been enough to revoke the approval of the fattening operation.

During the trial, animal rights activists said that in the event of a fire it would be impossible to evacuate animals. The number of animals alone would not allow it and because the fire protection system of the fattening facility never worked anyway.

There had been repeated citizen protests and demonstrations against this form of factory farming because not only animals but entire regions suffered from the mega stables.

The stall was approved by the local council many years ago, despite many concerns and even an accompanying survey of citizens with rejection.

The stable complex (with 18 stalls) belongs to one of the largest pig breeding companies in Germany – Agricultural Piglet Breeding Germany (LFD) Holding. This was taken over by the Swiss company Terra Grundwerte AG in the previous year.

And now we read that it is a decided matter: the burned down mega-stable in Alt Tellin is to be rebuilt – and the politicians are selling the new business as a “model project with a nationwide model”, which wants to rebuild modern slave breeding with our tax money.

Now it’s no longer about the pain, now it’s about the anger, and it comes up dangerously!

The question is: who approved this?
It is said that the approval process was independent of the country.

In clear words: The approval documents were drawn up by another planning office commissioned by the Straathof company (do you remember him?).

That means: a permit for the new factory in Alt Tellin is feasible even without the involvement of the state, according to the Ministry of Agriculture!!

Now the Ministry of Agriculture has other worries anyway; is trying to get up to 3000 tons of carcasses into the landfill, but the costs are high, and therefore a cheap solution has to be found for the “hazardous waste”!

Such animal factories have nothing to do with agriculture, they are just the business of unscrupulous farm owners and their lobbyists in politics.

We don’t need mega stables, we have to abolish factory farming.
It is no longer a matter of feeding one’s own population with it. Germany is the world champion exporter of pork.

It is always and only about criminal business, of criminal farm owners and their accomplices in politics at the expense of the animals
They must be banned, we will fight hard for this.

My best regards to all, Venus


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