13th June – Exclusive Photographs of the “Death Row” Sombor Dogs Awaiting Killing by T-61

Below are exclusive photographs of some of the dogs which were held for months at the Sombor pound, and which over the last few days have all been killed. (see our report from yesterday, 12th June).

The photographs were taken before a ban was introduced and padlocks were fitted on the doors to prevent campaigners from entering. 

These pictures show some dogs which have been held since February.  All have now been killed T-61, a drug which paralyses the respiratory system and causes suffocation. 

We are sickened that rather than give treatment and the care required, the vets killed the animals using T-61. 

Now, today, Shinters are back out on the streets looking for the next set of dogs to catch and take to this pound, and which will be destroyed in the same way by veterinarians !

Serbian people are ashamed because they are the taxpayers who are funding this crime.


 Very, Very Cramped Conditions

 Yes, Very Cramped






 Awaiting Death by T-61


Death by a Veterinarian.

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