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‘Shinters’ – Catching Dogs on the Street









OVCA Belgrade


OVCA Belgrade



Minister Does Nothing to Promote Responsible Ownership / Sterilisation Legislation for Serbian Dogs and Cats




Please see   to understand what the government of Serbia does not

The photographs show the Minister of Agriculture; Sasha Dragin, and the Director of the Veterinary department, visiting the no kill dog shelter ‘RISKA’ of help Animals on Monday 1st September.


On this day, in front of both television, other media and press, both declared that through to the end of September, the Serbian Parliament will check the new laws associated with the law for Animal Welfare.




This has been seen by everyone except the government as just propaganda to give the tv and media with a story – a story which has no substance.  The legislation which is being spoken about will:


·        Still allow Shinters and veterinarians to do the legal mass killing of stray dogs and cats after a 30 day period

·        Ritual and religious slaughter will still be legal

·        Zoos will still be allowed to operate in the terrible conditions which exist at present –

·        Hunting will be allowed to continue, unregulated in any way


All the words to the press and media mean nothing except, that very soon, the government will be introducing laws which will allow the continued suffering of, or even improve on, the suffering of animals.


WHERE IS THE EU ?– WHY DOES IT NOT ACT instead of hiding behind the curtains ? – Serbia is going to gain EU accession !



To the press and the tv and the media, NOTHING WAS SAID about legislation being introduced regarding the sterilisation of animals such as owned dogs and cats.  Irresponsible owners, who do not have their animals sterilised, and who turn them out onto the street each and every day, to make many new baby dogs and cats to add to the current problems of unwanted animals, are not being made to be responsible by this new national legislation in any way.




By not introducing compulsory sterilisation of all owned animals, more and more animals will continue to be born from the NON STERILISED BUT OWNED ROAMING animals as the welfare organisations have always said, and given data to the government to show this;  see

increasing a problem rather than decreasing the problem.  Sasha Dragin is now making sure that the shinters and the ‘pest’ control companies have legislation behind them which will allow them endless animal killing rather than getting to the real cause of the stray problem – they fail to introduce legislation to have animals sterilised by owners.


If Serbian taxpayers want to continue paying taxes for the killing of animals, when their money could be used to improve schools, hospitals, social services etc if a sterilisation policy was introduced, then it is the people of Serbia who must complain about it. 


No Sterilisation = never ending taxes continually going into killing animals. 


Sterilisation = a reduction in animal numbers over time = more tax payers money available for other causes = more money into schools and hospitals etc.


The proposals made by Sasha Dragin means legal approval has been given by the government for the mass killing of animals, whilst doing nothing to actually aim to reduce the numbers of roaming animals on the streets.


Does the government really want to see a reduction in animal numbers ?, or does it want to continue taking Serbian taxpayers money for a mass kill policy which is not going to ever reduce animal numbers ?


Endless suggestions and ideas

have been presented to the Serbian government and veterinary association prior to this new legislation, by animal welfare organisations located both in and outside of Serbia; the government and the veterinary people have not listened.


All the government wants to do is to continue with mass animal killing facilities as have been exposed in the past, such as ORCA Belgrade



The taxpayers of Serbia are pouring money into a bottomless barrel on this issue.


Are the figures and data wrong ? – it would appear not – so why does the serbian government not take responsible action ?