Kerala – Please Sign NOW !

Dear friends,
This is an email from the sole fighter for animals in Kerala. Please read the email and you would yourself realise what the animals and she are going thru there. For your information I am attaching a few recent pics of the killings that happened there. I have a full uncensored video of the killing alos, which is beyond anyone’s imagination. Kerala is certainly a state full of killers. the local people alos have no compassion.
please also promote this petition as we need 1,00,000 signatures to be able to do something drastic, legally opposing the Kerala government and people who are doing these killings.
please read the message and see the pics
Rishi Dev
Citizens For Animal Rights, Delhi

This is Avis Lyons founder of Animal Rescue Kerala:
The killing in Kerala still goes on .
On 4th Sept 08 our case against the Trivandrum Corporation (the council of the nearby city of Trivandrum)  comes up in the Munsiff court in Trivandrum.  It has been adjourned many, many times without us being able to get a stay order, so the killing goes on and on.
The dogs are picked up and held for hours and hours crushed together in the goverment rick shaw in temperatures of up to 40 degrees centigrade until they are taken off and killed.  I have this on very reliable information from someone who has seen the dogs in the rickshaw in Trivandrum, including dogs with collars and puppies.
I have seen the goverment rickshaw pass but am unable to do anything about the situation as I am out on bail for trying to get help to stop the dogs being picked up to be killed in my Memo of Understanding area.
On Sept 4Th last year 2007) Trivandrum Corporation said in the high court in Cochin that it was doing the ABC/AR programme (animal birth control/anti rabies), the case was taken in 2004 by a resident of Trivandrum, the lady who took the case was too nervous to take the case back to court for contempt and has signed a affidavit handing the proceedings over to our advocate.
A prominent citizen of Trivandrum has put in a Right to Information request to the corporation.  Also, we have a lot of evidence that the corporation is killing.
By rights we should win the case!!!
Avis Lyons


Delhi, India – Fantastic, Beautiful Pups for Adoption – Can You Help ?

Can anyone help with the adoption of these beautiful pups in Delhi, India ?, even if it is simply putting word out to other contacts, thank you.

Here is a message from Rishi and Penelope.

Dear friends,

Following are pictures of puppies for adoption in Delhi. they are very healthy and beautiful. Please read the message below and kindly contact Ms Peneplope Spencer at  for further adoption enquiries;



I have attached a couple of photos – they are very cute, and I have 5 left.
There is one boy, and four girls.
They are about 7 weeks old. Their parents, are Honey and
Oscar (Oscar TheWild, we like to call him!). We adopted Honey and Oscar from Friendicoes about 2 years ago, and they fell in love.

So the puppies are of Indian breed, but they have never been on the street.
They all have very sweet personalities. I would greatly appreciate it if you could circulate this info to your contacts and friends, because my landlord is telling me that we cannot keep the pups in the house any longer.


Warm regards,
Penelope Spencer




It would be very helpful if anyone who is interested, can get in touch with me asap.



FRANCE – Cats to Be Destroyed – Please Help



Please circulate !

These cats are at a shelter / killing station in Northern France. The place is bursting at the seams – so next week many will be put down (the females first, most likely – as there is too many of them).

These cats need to be chipped (some may already have one though) and vaccinated before leaving (the law in France demands this). For chipping the place charges EUR 38.15; vaccination EUR 12.40.

The cats should be housed seperate for some three weeks before joining others, for safety reasons. Some may carry diseases and / or parasites.



If anyone can help please contact:

Thank you!




DRINGEND! 20 Erwachsene Katzen brauchen Hilfe vor Einschläferung in Nord Frankreich!


Sun, 31 Aug 2008 17:02:53 +0200



Bitte  weiterleiten !

Diese Katzen befinden sich in einer Tötungsstation in Nordfrankreich. Die Tötungsstation ist ÜBERVOLL und nächste Woche werden viele eingeschläfert (warscheinlich die weiblichen, weil sie sehr viel haben).

Diese Katzen sind gechippt und können geimpft sein, nur will die Tötungsstation ungefähr 12.40 Euros für die Impfung (Chip kostet 38.15 Euros, und keine Katze kann ohne Chip raus gehen, weil die Gesetze in Frankreich so sind).

Diese Katzen mussen natürlich, wenn sie von einer Tötungstation kommen, separiert gehalten werden von anderen Katzen, ungefähr drei Wochen.
Man muss jedenfalls immer vorsichtig sein, weil diese Katzen können Milben, Katzenschnupfen, und so weiter haben, und sollen nicht die anderen Katzen im Haus anstecken können.


Wenn jemand bereit ist zu helfen, bitte melden sie euch an :

Vielen Dank!