Action for the Seal Pups Required

Dear friends of baby seals,

I apologize for not sending a proper alert about this important issue, but we are running out of time. Please read the two emails from Ericka of CATCA (starting from the first one).   It is really important that we join forces to help end the horrific Canadian slaughter of baby seals. By helping empower small, hard-working groups throughout Canada, we will have a chance against the multi-billion dollar killing enterprises.  I know Ericka of CATCA and her work. Hers is a hard-working group, committed to help end the baby seals atrocity in Canada.  No donation is too small, please help with whatever you can.

Thank you kindly,  Rosa Close
“All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in others.
Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do? ~Buddha”

 —– Original Message —–

From: CATCA Canada

Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 2:09 AM

Subject: RE: EXTREMELY URGENT: CATCA needs your help! Pls. pass to others!

Thank you so much Rosa!
It is very nice to hear from you again!
It is too political….. The European Commission supports the ban as of a couple of months ago, BUT now as a result, the European
Parliament has sent to all Ministries of Environment at the European Union, a Proposal of a Resolution asking for their opinions about
the issues concerning the seal ban and those opinions will affect not only the Canadian seals, but also the ones from Namibia, Norway, Russia and Greenland too. Once this Resolution is decided and approved, their fate will be in those pages.
My main concern is the “animal welfare” issue…. If the decission makers go for it, they would literally condemn all seals! A country like ours can compromise to “kill the seals in a HUMANE” way without doing it at all, specially when these decission makers don’t know that for 60 years there have been complains, reports of infractions and extremely cruelty on the side of the sealers toward the seals, plus the geographic aspects of the hunt, plus the terrible weather conditions the sealers are exposed to, just makes it impossible to control and ensure by veterinarians or other official observers to check that no violatons are inflicted.
There are so many aspects of the seal hunt in Canada that can’t make it “humane” (when in reality it is barbaric, but this is what these
decission makers understand), so in good faith they could go for that, and then their pelts and other seal products could end up in an open trade widely at the EU ad the seal hunt will ever end!!!
Another reason is that Canada is lobbying right now in Europe trying to convince these decission makers that the aboriginal hunt is the
same as the commercial hunt, which is a BIG LIE, but that could mess up things for the seals big time when these Canadians meet politicians who don’t know a thing about the seal hunt and swallow their lies!
That is my main reason to go to Europe! Whatever comes out on that Resolution at the end of this year, that will be the fate of the seals in 5 countries.
Thank you so much for your support on this big issue!
God bless you!

From: CATCA Canada

Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 1:33 PM

Subject: EXTREMELY URGENT: CATCA needs your help! Pls. pass to others!


Dear all,
I am sorry to bother you, but we need your help: as you may know CATCA and myself have been lobbying in person with European decission makers and politicians
for three years for the Canadian seals.
New week I am suppose to embark on my Third Tour in Europe for the seal ban.
I have everything arranged with heads of the Ministries of Environment/Agriculture and some Secretaries of State in Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Poland and Rumania
(This last country I will have to skip it for lack of funds!).
I am suppose to start with these meetings next week and yesterday I was invited to participate at the biggest congress for conservation: the IUCN in Barcelona,
but even if I got an organization registering me, I still have to pay for the registration fee and air tickets to Barcelona plus some additional expenses. This huge world
congress would allow me to

with more EU countries about a upcoming Resolution proposed by the European Union and the European Council . The opinions of
each one of these Ministries counts towards this decission that either will allow seal products to be sold freely at the EU and as consequence, this unnecesary cruelty
of keep happening (not only in Canada, but in Namibia, Norway, Russia and Greenland), or their decissions on this Resolutions could end within few years the seal hunt,
specially Canada which will be the country more affected by the ban on seal products at the European Union.As many of you know, I went this year twice to Europe to: Poland, Ireland, UK, Czeck Republic, Sweden and even had meetings at the European Commission and the
European Parliament in Brussels regarding this ban and sponsor paid, but I still owe about $5,000 CDN dollars from the expenses, specially educational materials that I
made in English to give to governments and for the Polish to give away to get support for the ban.
I have no money currently to go on this Third Tour nor for airfare. I will get some money from a kind colleague at the end of this month, but that will just cover half of
the expenses!



I pleaded to big orgs to assist me on this but got not any good response. So I have no other choice now but ask for your help if you can, to help me to keep on lobbying
before this Resolution is decided in November 2008. This could be the last chance for the seals!
You can help in two ways:
1) Dianne of, kindly offered her organization link to donate by PAYPAL some money urgently need it for this my final attempt to convince  politicians to go for the seal trade ban at the EU.  Harpseals link is: PLEASE NOTE: WRITE: DONATION FOR ERICKA SEAL TOUR  or  CATCA Tour
2) Please send a cheque to: Ericka Ceballos P.O. Box 16021, 617 Belmont Street New Westmister BC  V3M-6W6 Canada
Remember that any amount you donate will help the seals and a 100% of your money will go for this campaign.
Unfortunately time is running out so there is no time to spare. PLEASE DONATE TODAY TO SAVE THE CANADIAN SEALS!
Thank you so much on behalf of our Canadian seals and seals worldwide!
Best regards:
Ericka Ceballos
Coordinator of the campaign for the seal products trade ban at the EU
President of Campaigns Against The Cruelty to Animals
Director of the Western Canada Anti Sealing Coalition
E.P.C. of the Canadian Marine Enviroment Protection Society
P.O. Box 16021, 617 Belmont Street New Westminster BC V3M-6W6 Canada

Zagreb, Croatia – Can You help Provide the Veterinary Directorate With Information ?

Video footage taken in a village, near to Zagreb, Croatia, and shown on Croatian national tv news can be seen at the following link:


As a result of further actions by campaigners in the region, the following message has now been received from Mrs. Branka Buković Šošić, Head of Animal Protection Department, Veterinary Directorate, Croatia.




Dear all,


I am going to send this information to the Directorate for veterinary inspection and they will try to find out where and when happend this action. It could be from huge help if could provide us with some more information, it is important for inspectors because they could then act much faster. I hope that person who made this film can send us the information about exact place and time of this occurence.

As soon as we will have the information about this action they will be sent to you.


Yours sincerely,

Branka Buković Šošić

Head of Animal Protection Department

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development

Veterinary Directorate

Miramarska 24

10 000 Zagreb


Tel: 610 66 68

Fax: 610 92 07





We hope that Mrs.Šošić will be provided with the information she is asking for as soon as possible, in order for investigations to continue quickly.