Can You Provide Information to Help Animals in Serbia ?

Dear friends of animals!


It is intended to lodge a request for the establishment of animal rights at the Serbian Parliament and therefore we need to bring forward results of any scientific research that has proven those abilities of animals that are commonly ascribed to humans (intelligence, causally-consequent thinking, ability of self-awareness, intellectual and moral activity, mathematical abilities and similar). This is required to argue the need of the recognition of animal rights.  


So if you have any scientific research or links to data about animals then please send it/them to us.

Please leave your information and / or links in the comments box following.


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Slavica Mazak Beslic


Friend-EPAR/OIPAmember league/Alliance for Animal Rights/SAV/GAARP



Our Society Friend-EPAR has a status of public interest in Serbia.

Together we are creating animal friendly Serbia.



Jelena and Sebastijan

We are asking please if you can immediately give your financial support to Jelena who runs a No Kill shelter in Serbia.


Jelena’s shelter now has over 400 dogs in its care.  Last week, ten dogs were taken away from the local pound back to the shelter, whilst several others were rescued from the streets.  As many female (Bitch) dogs were taken as possible, because when the bitches are un-sterilised and when ‘in heat’, they naturally attract the attention of many male dogs; the results of these meetings being many, many more dogs being born onto the streets destined for capture, suffering in pounds and eventual killing by the local authorities and government policies. 

Some of the dogs taken last week from the Pound, now safe at Jelena’s shelter.

Many of the dogs which end up at the pound are not complete ‘strays’, but are dogs which are owned, but who have irresponsible owners who do not bother to have their animals sterilised, who simply do not care about what their animals do and simply turn them out onto the street every day to produce more animals which add to the population problem.

If their dogs are captured by the authorities and taken to the pound, then quite often the owners will not bother to go to the pound to recover their animals.  These animals regularly end up being killed as a result of the current no sense policies which the government and authorities have towards animal population controls.

By rescuing some animals from the pounds, Jelena’s shelter provides a safe haven and a place of regular food and loving for the very lucky animals that are fortunate enough to go there.  The shelter is a PLACE OF LIFE as opposed to the authorities pounds – places of death !!

But the shelter cannot exist on good will alone;

FINANCE IS REQUESTED FROM YOU please to provide daily help to the animals in the way of food, a sterilisation programme and the construction of additional enclosures for the rescued animals.  For example, over 250 loaves of bread have to be purchased daily to be mixed with other food which is being provided as a regular diet to the dogs at the shelter.


PLEASE, PLEASE give a donation or regular support to Jelena’s shelter NOW.


The following statement sums up the irresponsible attitude and thinking of the Serbian government and the regional / local authorities:


While  the local government  gave 5 million dinars  for  killing of strays  for this year,   we  got  20,000 dinars from  Medijana  Borough  to pay  the bread  bill and 24,000 dinars from  Palilula Borough  to  neuter a few females”.

The Web site for Jelena’s shelter is at


and for more information on the shelter please go to one of the SAV links at



‘Coco’ from Serbia arrives in Canada for her new home.


Jelena has managed to re home some lucky Serbian dogs to Canada, with the support of some dedicated supporters.  For information, visit:-


Financial information to help the shelter:-





For information on bank payments please go to:-


Please note the following Bank details


IF YOU LIVE IN SERBIA ONLY and should you wish to make a donation:

AIK Banka A.D. Niš 



These bank details above are only for donations GIVEN BY PERSONS ALREADY IN SERBIA.



For INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS currency donations there is the following link








Alternatively, if anyone wishes, overseas donations can be sent directly to SOS for Serbian Animals, located in the Uk; please contact the organizer Mrs. Jean Bird at  for details.


To contact Jelena directly please go to the following link


Please help by donating some financial support and joining the list of sponsors:



Thank You.

** LATEST – 9th September **

This little kitten was dumped at Jelena’s shelter on 9th September.