Your Choice

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Your Choice

Posted by: “Ratheesh Pisharody”  

Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:34 am (PDT)

Do we always have to choose among items/theories/ideologies as
presented to us by presumably knowledgeable people? It is an
interesting thought, because to be honest, we don’t have to choose.
Just the fact that you are made to choose indicates that the person
providing you with choices has narrowed down the answers to what ‘he’
or ‘she’ thinks perceives as the only possibilities. This thought
occurred to me when I read an article ‘Confronting Empire’ written by
Arundhati Roy. Quoting from the article, George Bush provides you this
choice ‘You are either with us or them’ (i.e with the U.S or the
Terrorists). Arundhati’s question is, do we really have to choose
between an imperialistic United States of America and some fanatic

The answer is; we don’t have to.More often than not, you and me have been presented with choices to become a non-vegetarian, a vegetarian, a vegan or a fruitarian. But do
we really need to make a decision just because someone has made the
classifications? Many a times I have spoken to my friends about why I
am a vegetarian. But not once I have asked anyone to become one. The
reason again is the same. I hate to ask someone to choose a lifestyle
which I believe is correct. What I do believe is in facts, and the
kind of facts from which you make your own deductions. Your choice
(categorically) does not matter; but what matters is whether you have
understood the impact of your actions and whether you are true to your
own self.

What prompted me to write this article is the documentary called
‘Earthlings’ which I recently watched (links provided at the end).
This documentary according to me is one of the most meaningful,
emotional and powerful ones I have watched till date. It is about the
abuse of nature (specifically animals) to satiate the homo sapein’s
greed. Incidentally ‘Homo Sapien’ means ‘Wise Man’; but its left for
us to decide if we have been true to that nomenclature.

There is nothing shown in ‘Earthlings’ that I did not know. But at the
same time, it is disturbing and makes me hang my head in shame. The
documentary talks about the various reasons for which animals are
abused and treated like inanimate objects. Specifically, the areas of
abuse are for food, clothing, entertainment, sports and in the name of

Although almost always the arguments raised by individuals fighting
for animal rights delve into the area of non-vegetarianism, many of
them forget that eating animals is not something that can be entirely
avoided or eradicated. So the issue that needs to be looked into first
is not whether we all need to start eating veggies, but what are our
sensibilities and knowledge regarding how the meat comes to your
table. Most my non-vegetarian friends have never really put a thought
into how the animal is killed; how much blood is shed; how much pain
is undergone by the animal and how many times it must have silently
pleaded to the butcher before it lost its life and satisfied their
palate. Many of my friends have dismissed these thoughts are sheer
panic and melodrama, but I wish they knew better.

It is not just food we must be worried about (although that is the
larger worry), but it is the utter disregard by human beings for the
welfare of other creations of god when it comes to satisfying many of
his other needs (greeds?). Clothing for one. How many of us have
really bothered how that leather wallet in our pocket was made; or how
that expensive lacoste belt was manufactured. Did we bother to
inquire? When such topics come up, the usual argument is that from
ancient ages man has been using animal products and we continue to do
so. But that is far from the truth. Man was only worried about his
needs then. And more often than not, he took his bit from the forest;
just what he needed, and left the rest as it is. But in the current
world, animals are being bred, grown, tortured and killed just for
providing us with that expensive bag or coat. Remember that these
animals might not have even got their mothers milk and warmth; they
would not have known what the plants, insects and the sun looks like.
They just lived to die and satify our greed.

We are all currently part of a world that is slowly, but surely
disintegrating (and in a way responding to our exploitation). It all
started with a Tsunami a few years ago, and there has been no looking
back. If you really look closely you will see the connection between
our lack of respect for nature and all the issues that we face in this
world today. Take a break from your daily race and put a few minutes
of thought.

Hoping for a better world.

– Ratheesh Pisharody

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