Alabama USA: Can You Find ‘Champ’ a Home or be the New Owner ?

If you have room in your heart, barn and  
pasture for Champ, please contact:
Debra Jarrell
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Subject: ALABAMA – 20+ yr old QH gelding – Please Crosspost to help Champ…

 My name is “Champ.”
Will someone please help me?
I am *reportedly* a 20-25 yr old black QH gelding located near Gordo, Alabama.  I was destined for Mexico (you know what that means) when I along with another horse was purchased at  Bobo’s horse barn in Beaverton, Alabama in May ‘O8 for a mere $25.  Children were riding me with a hay string attached to my halter.  They say I am gaited. 
I have a NEG Coggins, no vacs, but I have been wormed with Zimermectin Gold on arrival at my new home and they say I have gained about 75 pounds.
I have a sweet face and a good gentle temperament.  I am alert and my eyes are bright but my teeth are bad.  I have hooks, curves, waves, some teeth ground down to the gum line, others are missing, however I showed my eval person that I can eat.   I wasn’t slow about it either and I didn’t waste much!
My owner states they are feeding me a mix of soy pellets, alfalfa rabbit food pellets and pig starter – 3 pounds, 3 times a day.  Due to my teeth, I cannot eat hay.  I will need hay extender or Equine Senior Feed.  I need to gain more weight.  My hooves are good. 

I need a loving home and owner who will care for me properly.
Location:  Alabama

If you have room in your heart, barn and pasture for Champ, please contact:
Debra Jarrell
PLEASE NOTE:  This animal is NOT in the possession of this rescuer, I am simply the contact.  Please forward to all of your equine rescues/rescuer contacts and horse lovers.










Scotland, Uk: Uncaged Announce “Hurtful Essences Tour” Dates – Can You Support ?

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Subject: Scotland Hurtful Essences Tour
Hello Supporter 
Next week Uncaged will take the Hurtful Essences tour  to Scotland.

We’ll have the 6m high inflatable shampoo bottle, tables, rat costumes, cages and lots of leaflets to distribute.

If you live in Scotland, please come and help us inform  consumers about Herbal Essences cruel animal testing and how to shop cruelty-free!  

All times will be 10am to 3pm. The itinerary is :

Mon 29 Sept – Dundee (City Square)

Tues 30 Sept – Dundee (City Square)

Weds 1 Oct – Glasgow (Sauchiehall Street precinct between Renfield Street and Hope Street outside Victoria’s Nightclub)

Thurs 2 Oct – Edinburgh (Princes St. in front of Registry House, by Wellington monument)

Fri 3 Oct Aberdeen (St. Nicholas St.)

We are still hoping to secure permission to be in Inverness on Saturday 4th October – but we won’t know until next week.

Hope to see you at one (or more) of these events. Please let us know if you are interested in attending (preferably with you telephone number so we can let you know of any changes of plan).

Check out the Hurtful Esseneces website:

View Tour pictures and become a fan of our Facebook Page:

Please feel free to cross-post. 




Max Newton

Campaigns Co-ordinator 

Please note our new address:

Uncaged Campaigns

5th Floor, Alliance House

9 Leopold Street

Sheffield  S1 2GY

++44 (0) 114 272 2220  &  &


Uncaged now has a FACEBOOK group. Please join us at:

China – More Investigations About the Animal Abusers

Swiss Animal Protection can be found at:

China flaying animals alive
Investigation reveals images so graphic, nightmares rampant among probe team

Posted: August 19, 2008
9:48 pm Eastern


By Bob Unruh
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Editor’s Note: The descriptions and video of China’s fur industry in this story will be disturbing to  some readers.

Animals rights activists have documented that China’s fur industry skins animals alive for their fur (Photo courtesy of Swiss Animal Protection)

The newest controversy over exports from China has caused nightmares for researchers documenting the abuse inflicted on animals bred and raised in tiny cages and then skinned alive for their fur.

WND has reported multiple times on problems with exports from China, with poison found in pajamas, consumers warned against using ginger, an alert about the dangers from China’s pickled vegetables and even the dangers from honey and fireworks.

Now comes word from an extended investigation into the fur trade that China is estimated to produce approximately 85 percent of the world’s fur products – and it has virtually no regulations or rules for the treatment of the animals.

According to Mark Rissi, a spokesman for Swiss Animal Protection, which has documented abuse of animals raised for their fur as early as 1983, the China project has been going on for several years.

The organization’s report has been made available online, with dramatic images and descriptions that researchers found more than disturbing.

“As animals are considered objects in China, there is little or no awareness for the suffering of these sentient beings,” Rissi told WND from his European base of operations via e-mail. “The cruelty found was beyond our expectations, and it was hard to document without interfering. It caused nightmares to the team, especially in the editing room, because the scenes had to be replayed and replayed to be edited from six hours down to 20 minutes.”

Rissi said the actual onsite investigation was done by his organization’s staff members as well as trusted Asian animal protection supporters, but as fur production was not a controversial subject, “people willingly showed their farms to the team.”

He said he’s glad other organizations, such as the U.S.-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have joined in his group’s campaign.

Dogs are picked up by workers using a metal tongs and their tails prior to being slammed to the ground and skinned. (Photo courtesy of Swiss Animal Protection)

“Our main goal was to get this distributed because we want consumers worldwide to be aware about the cruelty involved in the fur fashion,” he said.

“People have a right to know that a huge percentage of fur is imported from China, which doesn’t have any federal laws protecting animals on fur farms. People who might contribute to this atrocity by purchasing fur or fur-trimmed garments need to know about the horrible suffering of the animals who wore that skin first,” PETA spokeswoman Melissa Karpel told WND.

“We want them to see how fur farmers slam terrified animals — including raccoon pups — on the ground and skin them while they’re still conscious. People need to know what they’re really buying when they buy fur or fur trim,” she said.

“Conditions on Chinese fur farms make a mockery of the most elementary animal welfare standards,” the Swiss report said. “This report shows that China’s colossal fur industry routinely subjects animals to housing, husbandry, transport and slaughter practices that are unacceptable from a veterinary, animal welfare and moral point of view.”

PETA has posted a Swiss Animal Protection video on its U.S. site, documenting the bloody violence prevalent in the Chinese fur industry.

The report contained the testimony from witnesses to a dog slaughter:

Once pulled out from its cage, the raccoon dog curls up into a ball in mid-air. … One woman in a headscarf is first to grab hold of the raccoon dog’s tail and the others drift away peevishly. The woman in the headscarf swings the animal upwards. It forms an arc in the air and is then slammed heavily to the ground, throwing up a cloud of dust. The raccoon dog tries to stand up, its paws scrabbling in the grit. The wooden club in the woman’s hand swings down onto its forehead. The woman picks up the animal and walks toward the other side of the road, throwing it onto a pile of other raccoon dogs. A stream of blood trickles from its muzzle, but its eyes are open and it continues to repeatedly blink, move its paws, raise its head and collapse to the ground. Beside it lies another raccoon dog. Its four limbs have been hacked off but still it continues to yelp.

The report then graphically describes how the dogs are skinned, sometimes while they are living.

Rissi noted that the Humane Society of the United States also has worked on the investigation, citing well-known U.S. companies, including J.C. Penney, Burlington Coat Factory, Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, for selling Chinese-produced fur products, sometimes labeling them as “faux fur” or raccoon when the actual product is from a raccoon dog.

The Swiss Animal Protection report said slaughter methods range from beatings with a metal or wooden stick or swinging the animal until it slams to the ground.

Then they are skinned.

“They struggle and try to fight back to the very end. Even after their skin has been stripped off breathing, heart beat, directional body and eyelid movements were evident for five to 10 minutes,” the report said.

The process is repeated millions of times, as China processes up to 100,000 pelts in a day at times.

The Swiss organization said China should pass a national animal welfare law, prohibit skinning live animals, prohibit inhumane treatment and slaughter methods, and the rest of the world should shun the use of fur.

Swiss Animal Protection is the umbrella organization of 58 regional animal protection associations in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Founded in 1861, it is the oldest and biggest animal protection organization operating throughout Switzerland.

WND’s earlier reporting showed Chinese products recalled in 2007 alone included:

  • Portable baby swings that entrap youngsters, resulting in 60 reports of cuts, bruises and abrasions;
  • Swimming pool ladders that break, resulting in 127 reports of injuries, including leg lacerations requiring up to 21 stitches, five reports of bone fractures, two back injuries, two reports of torn ligaments and eight sprained ankles;
  • Faulty baby carriers that result in babies falling out and getting bruised, getting skulls cracked and hospitalizations;
  • Easy-Bake Ovens that trap children’s fingers in openings, resulting in burns;
  • Oscillating tower fans whose faulty wiring results in fires, burns and smoke inhalation injuries;
  • Exploding air pumps that have resulted in 13 lacerations including six facial injuries and one to the eye;
  • Bargain-priced oil-filled electric heaters, selling for less than $50, that burn down homes;
  • Notebook computer batteries that burn up computers, cause other property damage and burn users;
  • Circular saws with faulty blade guards that result in cutting users, not wood.

WND also has reported on Chinese imports that poisoned America’s pets, risked America’s human food supply and reintroduced lead poisoning to America’s children.

Other problems have occurred with power strips and extension cords, holiday lights and batteries.

China also consistently has topped the list of countries whose products were refused by the FDA  The list includes many countries, including Mexico and Canada, that export far more food products to the U.S. than China.

The Chinese government, in fact, actually has blamed WND’s reports for fanning the flames of hysteria about the safety of Chinese products.