Help Stop the Abuse of Chickens in Kapporos Ritual Sacrifices

Help Stop the Abuse of Chickens in Kapporos Ritual Sacrifices –

 http://getactive. campaign/ kapporos

“Reviewing the entire current kapparos situation, using alternative to chickens such as money to tzedakah, might be a desirable option.” – Orthodox Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum

From a distance, kapporos sites look like street festivals. But up close, they are horrifying makeshift slaughterhouses on public streets. This ritual, which is practiced primarily by Hasidic Jewish communities, involves the rough handling (waving chickens over one’s head) and slaughter of chickens in a sacrificial atonement ceremony prior to the holiday of Yom Kippur.

Just in Brooklyn, New York, more than 50,000 chickens are trucked in for this ritual. They languish without food and water, stacked in cramped, filthy transport crates on public streets for hours. Many don’t even survive until the time when they would be slaughtered.

The use of live chickens for this ritual has been widely criticized by rabbis representing a wide range of Jewish observance. Most Jewish communities that still practice kapporos do so using money, instead of live chickens; the money—instead of meat—is then donated to tzedakah (charity). Using money is a religiously approved option and eliminates all the gratuitous cruelty associated with this ceremony.

Rabbi Shea Hecht runs the largest—and arguably the most inhumane—kapporos operation in Brooklyn. In 2007, PETA filmed that workers were filling seven crates with the bodies of chickens who died while suffering for hours in crowded transport crates at Hecht’s kapporos center. Adults and children handled chickens abusively during the painful ceremony. Because of the volume of chickens and because the pace of slaughter was so rushed, many chickens were stuffed inside trash bags while still conscious. Some chickens who were not slaughtered were found abandoned after kapporos in boxes without any food or water and had to be rescued.

Thousands of slaughtered chickens—about two-thirds of those used at Rabbi Hecht’s kapporos site—were not given to charity but were thrown away after slaughter. This operation did not have the capacity to process the vast number of chickens killed. PETA was told by an organizer that other chickens would be purchased as replacements, doubling the death toll. Rabbi Moshe Weiner of the Kashrus Information Service called this disposal unacceptable. This was a tremendous waste of life, in violation of the intent of kapporos, and a flagrant disregard for the Jewish principle of bal tashchit (against wasteful, wanton destruction).

Please write to representatives of the Beis Din of Crown Heights—the kosher agency that certifies this kapporos operation—to demand that it no longer certify Rabbi Hecht’s kapporos operation.


Delhi, INDIA – Can You Help Give ‘Brownie’ A Home ?

‘BROWNIE’ – Needs a Permanent Home
‘Brownie’ –  a cute bundle;
Male, was abandoned by his mom; currently being raised by his human foster family,
but he is waiting for a dog loving family to adopt him.
Please call :9873822268   if you can help in any way.
Thank you;
shampa dg


Uk (Liverpool) 26th October: Get Spooky at the ‘Freshfields Animal Rescue’ Halloween Cat Extravaganza


SUNDAY 26th OCTOBER – 12 til 4pm; Liverpool;

View and download your poster for this event here:



We are holding our second halloween cat extravaganza where kids and all things feline will be the emphasis. Can I ask you all to display a poster, pass the j peg onto all your cat friends, stick it up on any on line forum etc you may use. If anyone wants to get involved or do a stall talk to us

Your Choice

An interesting article by Ratheesh; with thanks to Diana for forwarding.

‘Earthlings’ can be seen via our video section at:

but beware – it IS A VERY POWERFUL VIDEO; not suitable for children.


Your Choice

Posted by: “Ratheesh Pisharody”  

Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:34 am (PDT)

Do we always have to choose among items/theories/ideologies as
presented to us by presumably knowledgeable people? It is an
interesting thought, because to be honest, we don’t have to choose.
Just the fact that you are made to choose indicates that the person
providing you with choices has narrowed down the answers to what ‘he’
or ‘she’ thinks perceives as the only possibilities. This thought
occurred to me when I read an article ‘Confronting Empire’ written by
Arundhati Roy. Quoting from the article, George Bush provides you this
choice ‘You are either with us or them’ (i.e with the U.S or the
Terrorists). Arundhati’s question is, do we really have to choose
between an imperialistic United States of America and some fanatic

The answer is; we don’t have to.More often than not, you and me have been presented with choices to become a non-vegetarian, a vegetarian, a vegan or a fruitarian. But do
we really need to make a decision just because someone has made the
classifications? Many a times I have spoken to my friends about why I
am a vegetarian. But not once I have asked anyone to become one. The
reason again is the same. I hate to ask someone to choose a lifestyle
which I believe is correct. What I do believe is in facts, and the
kind of facts from which you make your own deductions. Your choice
(categorically) does not matter; but what matters is whether you have
understood the impact of your actions and whether you are true to your
own self.

What prompted me to write this article is the documentary called
‘Earthlings’ which I recently watched (links provided at the end).
This documentary according to me is one of the most meaningful,
emotional and powerful ones I have watched till date. It is about the
abuse of nature (specifically animals) to satiate the homo sapein’s
greed. Incidentally ‘Homo Sapien’ means ‘Wise Man’; but its left for
us to decide if we have been true to that nomenclature.

There is nothing shown in ‘Earthlings’ that I did not know. But at the
same time, it is disturbing and makes me hang my head in shame. The
documentary talks about the various reasons for which animals are
abused and treated like inanimate objects. Specifically, the areas of
abuse are for food, clothing, entertainment, sports and in the name of

Although almost always the arguments raised by individuals fighting
for animal rights delve into the area of non-vegetarianism, many of
them forget that eating animals is not something that can be entirely
avoided or eradicated. So the issue that needs to be looked into first
is not whether we all need to start eating veggies, but what are our
sensibilities and knowledge regarding how the meat comes to your
table. Most my non-vegetarian friends have never really put a thought
into how the animal is killed; how much blood is shed; how much pain
is undergone by the animal and how many times it must have silently
pleaded to the butcher before it lost its life and satisfied their
palate. Many of my friends have dismissed these thoughts are sheer
panic and melodrama, but I wish they knew better.

It is not just food we must be worried about (although that is the
larger worry), but it is the utter disregard by human beings for the
welfare of other creations of god when it comes to satisfying many of
his other needs (greeds?). Clothing for one. How many of us have
really bothered how that leather wallet in our pocket was made; or how
that expensive lacoste belt was manufactured. Did we bother to
inquire? When such topics come up, the usual argument is that from
ancient ages man has been using animal products and we continue to do
so. But that is far from the truth. Man was only worried about his
needs then. And more often than not, he took his bit from the forest;
just what he needed, and left the rest as it is. But in the current
world, animals are being bred, grown, tortured and killed just for
providing us with that expensive bag or coat. Remember that these
animals might not have even got their mothers milk and warmth; they
would not have known what the plants, insects and the sun looks like.
They just lived to die and satify our greed.

We are all currently part of a world that is slowly, but surely
disintegrating (and in a way responding to our exploitation). It all
started with a Tsunami a few years ago, and there has been no looking
back. If you really look closely you will see the connection between
our lack of respect for nature and all the issues that we face in this
world today. Take a break from your daily race and put a few minutes
of thought.

Hoping for a better world.

– Ratheesh Pisharody

Links to Earthlings Documentary –

Direct Link (Good quality download):


(I have not verified if these are good or full):
Google Video version

Youtube versions (3 parts):




22nd September: “Serbia Suffering” Petition now Presented to Over 50 Senior EU Personnel by SAV

As can be seen from our earlier article, 


On Monday 22nd September 08, a copy of the ‘Serbia Suffering’ petition 


along with copies of the OIPA and SAV letters, in addition to support letters from Mrs Susan R. Johnson, former Supervisor of Brcko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina:


In English:   oipa-letter


In Serbian:   oipa-letter-spetembar-132008






were sent with a formal covering letter to no less than 50 senior people at the European Union, including many Commissioners.


Whilst not reproducing the letter here, we can say that the current situation for animals in Serbia has now been presented to the EU, and we are asking for change and Serbia to enforce its legislation for animal welfare.  Serbia wishes to become a member state of the EU, and as part of the requirements for joining, each nation has to show that it is enforcing its own national legislation.


Serbia is NOT doing this with regard enforcing legislation for animals, such as Article 269 of the Serbian Criminal Code, which demands that anyone who injures, tortures or kills an animal can be punished with imprisonment for 6 months, or for animals such as bears and wolves, up to 3 years in prison.


By the end of 22nd September, SAV had confirmation by return that in excess of 25 of the letters had been opened and read by those in the EU.  We at SAV now await to see what the EU consider the next stage of progress to be, and trust that we will hear from their spokesperson(s) in the near future.



Dogs bodies left on the City dump – Novi sad, Serbia


London Uk: 27/09/08 – CAFT National Anti-Fur March and Rally


For overseas visitors, if you cannot attend the march in London, please visit the web site and help with campaigns, please go to

Thank You.


National Anti Fur March and Rally

Saturday 27th September 2008, London (Uk).

Meet 12noon at Belgrave Square, SW1

Following the very successful anti-fur march in London in December last year, we will be marching against fur again on Saturday 27th September.

Formed in 1997, CAFT-UK has helped regenerate the grass-roots campaign against the fur trade in Britain.



Through investigations, education, campaigns and demonstrations we have exposed the horror of the fur trade and helped establish and continue anti-fur actions across Britain. We have filmed undercover in fur farms, lobbied for a ban on fur farming and persuaded dozens of shops to stop selling real fur.

We also work with anti-fur groups across the world. The fur industry is a global one so our fight against it should work on an international level too.

For those of you who haven’t yet decided which side of the fence you are on we hope that the materials contained on this website will help you come to the right decision, and that you will join the millions of other caring people who realise there is no excuse for murdering millions of animals each year for vanity.

For those of you firmly opposed to the fur trade we hope this site will inspire you to get more active and join us in ending this sickening trade. Wherever you live in the world there is always something you can do. Under Links you will find links to other anti-fur groups around the world. To find your nearest Animal Rights group in the UK or elsewhere see

Please join us in the struggle on behalf of fur-bearing animals worldwide. Get actively involved, support us financially, and educate others.

Thank you for your support.

Belgrade, Serbia: Please Look at the “Help Animals” Web Site



Please look at the following “Help Animals” web sites and see if there is any way that you can help.


First, I would like to thank you for visiting the Society for the Welfare of Homeless Animals “Help Animals” site!

We’d like to invite you to help us solve animal issues in our country, and most of all the problem of abandoned animals. Our first and foremost activity is taking care of dogs and cats at the only registered no kill shelter in Belgrade.  The shelter, which is 8 years old, is named ‘Riska’ and is located in the Belgrade suburb of Kotež. At the moment (09/08), Riska has 250 dogs and 103 cats in residence. There are currently only four caretakers at the shelter, so each person takes care of about 90 animals.

We’re asking all kind people, animal lovers, institutions and companies to helps us as much as they can in a manner they think is the most appropriate. Any help is appreciated and needed in order for the shelter to continue to exist and provide a safe haven for these wonderful animals!

If you truly love animals, we’re begging you to help them!

Please take a look at the pictures. They are not just pictures but also animals with names and a future that depends on you!


The problem of abandoned animals is an important societal issue. It affects the ones that love the animals and the ones that feel threatened by them. In order to address the problem humanely, in addition to spaying or neutering, it’s necessary to have shelters in which the animals will get proper care. In contrast to the city pound, animals in private shelters that don’t get adopted can stay there for the rest of their lives. That also means that private no-kill shelters have a major capacity problem since they only have so many available kennels.


If you recognize the importance of private animal shelters as a humane solution for homeless dogs and cats, and if you love animals, don’t hesitate to do something for them. They are near you and they need your help.


The shelter “Riska” exists thanks to continuous donations, but they sadly cover only one third of the expenses.


From the opening day many animals have been adopted, many have died and many come to us from the streets and the city pound.


The animals from “Riska” are counting on you.

How can you help the animals?

Become a member

Adopt a pet: If you would like a pet, you can adopt one from our shelter. Most of them are mixed breed, but that makes them unique and special! You can take a look at their pictures on our website.

Spread the word: Send our URL to your friends, acquaintances via email, online forums, etc.

Call for help: Please help in any way you can. Please send in your donation or help in some other way. In addition, if you have something that you think we could use, please contact us to arrange for pickup. We’re in need of following things: used clothing, rain and snow jackets, rubber boots, old towels, bed linens, rags, dishes, silverware, glasses, household appliances, furniture, mattresses, bed covers, old newspapers, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, toilet paper, soap, garden hoses, work gloves, cleaning supplies, food for dogs and cats, large pots (over 10 kg in capacity), etc.

Commercial sponsorship: We’re calling on all companies, especially the ones in animal related business, to join us and help us through donating money, materials and equipment. In exchange, we’re offering free advertising on our web site and on flyers we’re distributing to our members and throughout the city. Your help doesn’t have to be monetary.  You can donate other useful things such as: food, vaccines, medications, office supplies, construction material for kennels (concrete, bricks, wire fences, posts, etc.), water hoses, fuel, services (paving of kennels, construction etc.), and anything else you’re able to donate.

For those who don’t like homeless dogs and cats

Please help us because we’re working on placing the animals you’re afraid of in homes and shelters so you’re also helping yourself.

We’re helping solve the problem of abandoned animals humanely and long term through sterilization, and not through cruel killings and burnings!




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