India: Some Great News But More Help Required to Find New Homes


Thanks to the dedicated work of our great friend and campaigner Rishi; several of the dogs we have shown in the past have now been found loving, new homes.  Below is a group of beautiful ‘new arrivals’ which we all ask for your help in getting the same results.


Please pass on the info far and wide to everyone that you know.


Lets get re-homing !



Hi all,




Attached are the images of ‘Buddy’ – a male, 2-month old White Spitz, who was abandoned by his owners on the streets. He was rescued by an animal lover 2 days ago and was put under the care of our organization. Buddy is extremely playful and completely healthy….and we are now in search of a loving home to give him a new life.


Those interested, contact at these numbers…





Kindly forward this mail to as many possible.


Thanks n Regards

Manta Sidhu






Dear All,


Thanks to your messages, we found homes for 2 of the puppies. We are now looking for good homes for the two remaining girls. Please share this with your facebook group. Thank you. They are 4 months, have got their shots.

The person to contact is Mrignaina 9810250738.


Karishma Handa







From: Harshal Shah <>

Hi there,

We are desperately searching for a loving home for one stray puppy. We found 2 of them abandoned on our street about a month ago and have nurtured them into healthy, friendly, playful pups. They currently play on our terrace and love going for runs in Nehru Park. They are inquisitive and people-friendly.


We cannot manage to look after both of them and would love to see one of them go to a good home. Attached are a few photos of them – we are not sure of the breed, but it seems there is a bit of German Shepherd in them, given the shape of their ears and snouts and their colouring.


If you know anyone who is looking for a puppy (they are VERY child-friendly and love teasing Labradors) then please call either (0) 997 111 0984 or (0) 98 11 940 846

Thanks in advance,


Dear friends,


I’m happy to report that Leo has found a new home. I am grateful to all of you for your support.


Now we need to find Joey a new home. He is an eight-year-old Springer spaniel whose present owners want to put him up for adoption. He originally belonged to their daughter who passed him on to her elderly parents. Now the parents, who don’t keep well themselves, are finding it difficult to care for Joey, especially because he has a persistent skin problem which, however, is entirely manageable with medication.




Joey is a gentle and obedient dog and it’s really sad that he’s being passed around like this. Please help if you can.






Madhu Goyal




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