Serbia: ‘Klementina’ the Pig At EPAR Shelter Requires Donations to Pay for Her Operation – Can You Help Please ?


Do you all remember Klementina the pig who was saved from slaughter by the EPAR shelter ?




Now we have been informed by EPAR that Klementina will need an operation of her articulation coxae, which is the pelvic and hip joint area.


Before this operation is done, she will need to go to the Belgrade Veterinary Facility for further investigations.


In the meantime, Klementina waits hoping for better times so that she can have her operation.



To date, EPAR have only had enough donations to cover the costs of transporting Klementina to and from the vet.


She is very clever being and very much loved at EPAR shelter.




Please can you help by giving a donation for Klementina if at all possible ? – Any amount helps.

Please use the following for donations:

One of the best and cheapest ways to send money donations internationally is by Western Union. 

Transfer costs vary and are worked out simply depending on the amount of the donation – you only pay more if you donate larger quantities. 

In most countries donations can be done on line, by telephone, or visiting a local agent. 

Please look at the web site for further info:

For direct donations towards Klementina, the following EPAR account in Hungary should be used as a preference to Serbian accounts:


OTP Bank


Klauzal ter,5



Account number : 11775355-37518886


Address : Subotica 24000,Matka Vukovica, 9

IBAN : HU31117753553751888600000000



This way is the best, because in this way  tax for money transfer is  very low and  it is not need to pay tax to serbian authorities who  done nothing for dogs, but ask high tax for donation .


Thank You so very much and

best regards


Slavica Mazak Beslic, President of  Friend-EPAR/OIPA/Alliance for Animal Rights

Subotica, Matka Vukovica 9

Please View New EPAR Shelter videos at:

Thank You – EPAR / SAV 





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