Serbia / Uk: Press Release From (Uk) RSPCA Regarding Serbian Animal Welfare

We would like to  share the following news with you, all of our friends and fellow campaigners around the World.  For several days now we have been debating if this should be posted, as we know there is opposition about this from some Serbian campaigners, especially regarding the involvement of ‘ORCA’ at the meeting.


Yes, we are fully aware of the goings on at ORCA Belgrade in the recent past, and we have posted this information on this site – see links to past news at


But, we consider that the meeting with President Tadic and the signing of the petition calling for a Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare can only be positive news for the animals of Serbia.  Maybe Serbian politicians are finally realising that, and as we have always campaigned along the lines of, Serbia should not be allowed accession (membership) of the EU until it vastly improves its animal welfare legislation.

We hope that the information given in the Press Release (given below) by the Uk Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) shows that the link between better animal welfare legislation and EU membership may have finally hit home in Belgrade.

The animal welfare framework law covers all species, and includes research animals, the protection of farm animals, transport and slaughter and the protection of wildlife in captivity, as well as forbidding wild animals in circuses.

Links to both Serbian circus and zoo posts below show that the current situation is dire; and so in our opinion, anything which will change this for the better is worth applauding.  We hope that you agree.

Circus and Zoo links:


As stated, some campaigners in Serbia are not particularly pleased with the news given below due to ORCA being at the meeting.  But we feel that if new legislation improves animal welfare in zoos and circuses alone, regardless of anything else, then it is a very positive step forward.  One thing can be assured, with implementation of the animal welfare framework law, NGOs will be able to monitor and report failures in the system to the authorities.  Once it becomes an EU member state, Serbia can be formally reported to the Commission if serious failures in legislation implementation are continually seen.  This can result in state prosecutions by the EU Commission if necessary.  Some members of SAV have been involved with similar processes against Uk authorities during the past few years relating to failures in animal welfare legislation implementation, and now have considerable experience of what is required should it be necessary to help giving advice in the future.


We hope that like us, you feel that the news given in this PR below is reason to celebrate for once.


As always, anyone can leave comments on the site; that is down to the individual.  Maybe it will encourage more debate.  We respect every persons views, especially our friends who live and experience the daily troubles of Balkans strays.  All that can be hoped is that the issue will unite campaigners rather than drive wedges between them; there is only one way the future will improve for animals, and that is for cooperation between parties who should all be on the same side – the animals side !!!





Press Release info is as follows:$1290130$366366.htm


President of Serbia meets with RSPCA ahead of first animal welfare law

Thursday, 23, Apr 2009 12:00

Serbia has today signalled its intent to improve animal welfare following a meeting between the country’s president and the RSPCA, ahead of the introduction of new legislation to better protect animals next month .

RSPCA International’s Senior Programme Manager for Europe, Alexandra Hammond-Seaman met President Tadic after Serbia joined a long line of countries worldwide signing a petition calling for a Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare.

Alexandra said: “It was a great honour to meet President Tadic and discuss such a vitally important issue. The Minister for Agriculture, Saša Dragin signed the petition and confirmed that Serbia will be adopting its first animal welfare framework law in May.”

Serbia is a potential country to join the European Union, and this move will allow the country to harmonise with current EU legislation on animal welfare.

The animal welfare framework law covers all species, and includes research animals, the protection of farm animals, transport and slaughter and the protection of wildlife in captivity, as well as forbidding wild animals in circuses.

After the adoption of this law Serbia will adopt the full EU legal framework on animal welfare into national legislation, as one of the prerequisites in the process towards the EU integration.

Alexandra added “RSPCA International has been actively engaged with Serbia for over five years now, by providing assistance and training with issues such as dog population control and stray dog management. We also work very closely with Serbian government agencies and the veterinary profession on improving farm animal welfare in the Country. We look forward to continuing to play a central role in helping to enforce the law.”

RSPCA International attended the meeting with another non-governmental organisation, the Organisation for Respect and Care for Animals (ORCA) which has in the past worked in Serbia to promote responsible pet ownership.


RSPCA International

RSPCA International is one of the main organisations assisting in the humane treatment of animals overseas.

·         It advises governments and organisations on animal welfare legislation based on UK and European precedents.

·         It responds to appeals for help with crises caused by natural disasters such as oil spills by sending trained people, veterinary equipment and drugs.


·         It offers help through training and aid improving animal welfare standards in communities and countries where funds and resources are minimal.

In 2008 the RSPCA Overseas Fund distributed more than £600,000 to projects in over 30 different countries. More information can be found online at

Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare

The Universal Declaration is an agreement among people and nations to recognise that animals are sentient beings and can suffer, to respect their welfare needs, and to end animal cruelty – for good. The Declaration aims to help establish the world’s first international agreement on animal welfare. The final destination for the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare will be the General Assembly of the United Nations. More information can be found online at

RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 9RS Uk


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