Serbia: Abandoned Dog Loyally Waiting For a Year in Same Location for His Owner to Return to Him.


Abandoned dog waiting in same place in Belgrade for his owner to come back to him.

stray dog serb

A dog which has been abandoned by its owner in Belgrade has been waiting loyally for him/her to return to collect him for a year now.   Such is the devotion, trust and love of an animal for its owner – what a pity that some humans cannot be as loyal to their animals in return.  – SAV

Jelena asks if people can please leave a comment on line (in the newspaper); see below.

Please leave some comment on the article about a dog that has been abandoned in Belgrade and has been waiting in that spot for a year now, for his owner to come back. Ask the newspapers to start an action to find the owner, to see if he would take him back although he doesnt deserve this faithful dog.

 The dog is getting weaker, spending days in the sun and rain, still hoping so much!

 To post a comment, please go to the small wording ‘Komentara’ to the right hand side of the photograph.  Comments can be left in any language; in fact, it would be useful for many different language messages or comments to be given. 

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