Uk: Dutch Haulier Exposed Smuggling 320 Live Sheep Out of the Uk Declared as ‘Boxed Meat’





A Uk organisation campaigning against live animal exports – “Kent Against Live Exports (KALE)”,  has released on 14th September their latest Press Release regarding an illegal shipment of LIVE sheep which were smuggled out of Dover harbour (England) in the trailer of a truck whilst being declared as ‘boxed meat’.

Due to pressure by Uk welfare organisations, the live export of farm animals (for slaughter) to mainland Europe has not taken place now for several months.  Some parties still involved in the business of long distance animal transport are desperate to get live animals into mainland Europe; much against the wishes of campaign groups fighting to prevent it.

For the last 4-5 months the animal welfare campaigners have been winning; there have been no animal exports from the Uk.  But this expose of live animals being smuggled out illegally declared as ‘boxed meat’ is yet another insight into the low levels the exporters will sink simply to make money out of animal suffering.

Fortunately, due to the vigilance of the crew on the ferry taking the truck across the English Channel to Europe, the animals were discovered.  All were still alive and on the orders of the Captain of the ship, the truck and its live cargo were returned to Dover.

Further details can be seen via the KALE Press Release:


KALE are now waiting for the Uk Ministriy (Defra) and Kent Trading Standards to further investigate this case of live animal smuggling, and to prosecute all parties involved as necessary.

Link to KALE website:

Including a brief history of Uk live animal export campaigning, and recent activities undertaken by KALE:

See other links also related to european live export campaigning:

KALE is delighted to be working with and have the support of Dr. Caroline Lucas, an English Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Leader of the Uk ‘Green Party’ and totally committed and dedicated animal rights campaigner. 

Links to Dr. Caroline Lucas:


Photo: Caroline Lucas Protests About Live Animal Exports from the Uk

green party logo

In October 2008, Caroline issued a Press Release regading the work undertaken by KALE on live animal exports from the Uk.  This PR can be viewed at the following:

The 24 page report by the EU Brussels based FVO team on Uk live animal exports can be read via the following pdf file link:

 EU FVO Final Report

KALE now eagerly await the results of investigations into this blatant abuse of animals by smugglers.


A Sheep Transporter arrives at Dover Harbour – Photo: KALE

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