Serbia: Donations Required Please to Help the ‘Bucket Pups’

Serbian  Flag





** URGENT APPEAL ** – Please Give to help  the ‘Bucket Pups’

This is a special appeal for Jelena’s shelter. 

The puppies you can see below were left at Jelena’s shelter in a bucket. 

They need your help.



The shelter has almost 500 dogs and in another location approximetely 70.
And all the time new puppies are arriving;

We put these 5 with mother – only one in the shelter, but not sure that they
will survive.


To Help:

Financial (Donation) information to help the pups and shelter:-


Donations Via the Uk:

If anyone wishes, overseas and Uk donations can be sent directly to SOS for Serbian Animals, who are located in the Uk; to do this and for a forward (Uk) address to send donations, please contact the organiser Mrs. Jean Bird at:   

for further details. 

Visit Jeans Tail Wags Shop to either donate goods to be sold, or to buy goods in support of Serbian dogs at the shelter:  

To contact Jelena directly please go to the following link:


Other Links:

Thank You – SAV

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