Colombian Cart Horse Who Couldn’t Walk is Set on Fire!

Colombian Cart Horse Who Couldn’t Walk is Set on Fire!


A horse was burnt alive in Santiago de Cali – Colombia (translated)

Apparently the animal refused to walk and that is why the owner poured gasoline over it and set it alight. Posted on Friday October 23, 2009

The incident occurred east of the capital of Valle Bonilla Aragon near the neighborhood. In a crop of sugarcane, the villagers watched as  ‘Paul’, the carter horse from a neighbor was consumed by flames, eventually dying from burns.

“I immediately called the 123 and moved the Environmental Police personnel. It was a rough picture of animal cruelty,” said Sgt Yovanni Ñáñez, commander of the Environmental Police.

The animal, a pale horse bay, about 6 years, was still alive.  He suffered burns of first and third grade in 90 percent of his body. The owner of the horse and his companion surprisingly argued that they found the horse like that, and had planned to put it out of its misery!Given the seriousness of the injuries it was necessary to go to Municipal Zoonosis Center, where it was decided to apply euthanasia to prevent further suffering.

However, the police established that they poured gasoline over the horse and set fire to it, because it had refused to walk.

“What we are asking the community to warn that when situations of violence against animals of any species, reported immediately to 123 or phone 551 78 10,” said Sgt Ñáñez, who recalled that this year the unit has handled 230 cases, among which 130 have been horses.

Please copy / edit this sample email letter and send it to:


Att:  Doctor
       Andres Uriel Gallego
       Minister of Transport of Colombia

Dear Sir

This is to express my profound rejection of the events of Friday 23 October in the city Santiago de Cali, in which a a horse was burnt alive, because he/she did not want to walk.

We ask you to strongly consider the abolishment of the cart horse industry – because of the documented repeated abuse!

The horses in Columbia daily suffer from terrible neglect and abuse, but we believe with strong leadership and firm action from your office Columbia’s cart horses can be protected.





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