Europe (All): URGENT Action Required to Obtain MEP Support for Two Very Important Written Declarations



Time Limit for MEP Signatures – JANUARY 2010

Two Written Declarations currently exist which require urgent support from MEPs across europe regarding:



pursuant to Rule 123 of the Rules of Procedure

on the transportation of horses for slaughter in the European Union

Elizabeth Lynne, Sidonia Jędrzejewska, Carl Schlyter

Lapse date: 21.1.2010



pursuant to Rule 123 of the Rules of Procedure

on the promotion of alternatives to animal research and testing

Raül Romeva i Rueda, Caroline Lucas, Daciana Octavia Sârbu, Sirpa

Pietikäinen, Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy

Lapse date: 21.1.2010


Please go to the end of the following www link to obtain a direct link to MEP contact lists for every EU member state:

or select directly from the following:

België   Oostenrijk    Bulgarije    Nederland   Tsjechië    Cyprus   Estland
Finland    Frankrijk 1    Frankrijk 2  Malta   Litouwen   Luxenburg
Slovakije   Polen    Portugal   Denemarken  Griekenland   Hongatije
Ierland    Italië 1    Italië 2   Duitsland 1   Duitsland 2   Zweden  
U.K. 1    UK 2

Roemenië Cyprus-Denemark-Estland-Finland samen
Ierland-Slovenië-Tsjechië-Malta samen


Links to Written Declarations:

After years of taking action and being able to put the finger on grave infringements and acts of abuse by going undercover, we have finally persuaded e few European MP’s to present  a written question, in European Parliament, in a walk towards the introduction of a new text of law that will put an end to all these acts of cruelty.

As a result of the expansion of the EEC we will be needing more signatures to find a majority of MEP’s who favour the new text of law. Fortunately we find that there are animal friends  throughout all parties across all borders who are willing to help us to convince the members of their own parties to vote in favour of animal rights.

We can achieve this only by petitioning and sending letters to ALL these MEP’s.

To have an easy access to all these letters we’ve had Hubert set up a user friendly system:

only the e-mail adresses listed are valid since the whole file has been updated.

– you click onto the countries and a new mail, including all adresses, will be provided.

– you can send your own personalized letter or you can use, sign and send the model we provide.

We are counting on you to send these mails by massive numbers to show that we are behind this, as Europeans, and to put pressure on the European Parliament as a whole.

This mail will be spread all over Europe and a follow-up will be done through the web-site of

On the web-site you can see which MEP’s have signed already ( the list will be updated regularly ), so you can go on mailing those who haven’t done so, yet.

We cannot afford to pass up on this opportunity and let go to waste all the efforts of the past years as happened to us on the issue of the contested bull-fights.

Please make an effort to spread this mail as wide as possible to sites, contact groups, blogs, etc.




Dear Madam,

Dear Sir,

As you are certainly well aware of, every year more than 54 million animals are sacrificed in  all kind of experiments.  These animals are made to suffer and end up being killed. This is inhuman and cruel and it is absolutely necessary that all possible efforts are made to use methods that do not involve animals.

As citizens of the EU we need your help to protect as much as possible of these animals and therefore we are urging you to sign the Written Declaration on the promotion  of alternatives to animal research and testing  53/2009 ,and help us convince your colleagues to do the same.

We specifically demand that more money will be made available by the EU for scientific research into alternative testing methods to replace the cruel and inhumane testing currently performed upon animals. To make this possible, we must find 50%  of all European MP’s prepared to sign this Written Declaration 53/2009. If we fail to do so the issue will, again, be abandoned and be pushed ahead of us by a length of time. Time, we feel, we don’t have.

Please, this is VERY IMPORTANT!

The Written Declaration must be signed BEFORE 20 JANUARY 2010!

These animals are depending upon you!

The names of those members of the  EU parliament who signed this declaration will be published on several websites.

Thank you for your time and for taking an interest in this issue.

Sincerely yours,




2é actie voor de dierproeven

Als u een mail hebt aangeklikt kunt u ook best  meteen deze verzenden naar dezelfde EU leden dat  

bespaard veel moeite en tijd



Zoals u waarschijnlijk wel weet is er een Schriftelijke Verklaring ingediend op de EU

om de vreselijke situatie met dierproeven terug op de agenda te zetten en weer

bespreekbaar te maken. Er wordt vooral gevraagd dat de EU meer geld zou vrijmaken voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar alternatieve methodes. Om dit mogelijk te maken moeten 50% van de Europarlementariërs deze Verklaring ondertekenen. Als dit niet gehaald wordt is het onderwerp weer voor jaren van de baan.

Daarom vragen wij u met aandrang een zo groot mogelijk aantal parlementariërs te schrijven om ze te vragen deze Verklaring te tekenen.

We hebben het zo gemakkelijk mogelijk voor u gemaakt. In de lijst met EU landen klikt u op de naam van een land en dan gaat er een e-mail open met al de e-mail adressen van de parlementsleden van dat land in Bcc. In bijlage is er ook een brief die u kan kopiëren en in de mail zetten.

A.U.B. dit is zeer belangrijk! De Schriftelijke Verklaring moet getekend zijn voor 20 januari 2010. De dieren rekenen op u.

Wij danken u alvast voor uw medewerking.

Met vriendelijke groeten.

Serbia: ‘Minnie’ Finds a New Home for Christmas in Belgium

A very happy message sent to us from Jean Bird (Uk) –

Minnie at the Nis shelter


Little old Minnie has been at the shelter in Nis for several years (and as we all know older dogs are hard to re-home),

A lovely kind lady in Belgium wanted to adopt an older dog and Minnie has been chosen. 

She is now on her way to a new life of warm fires, cosy beds, lovely walks and lots and lots of love! 

This heartwarming story is a testament to the wonderful people who work so hard for the dogs and cats and makes these miracles happen.

“For all the weary little paws that walk the earth today”.


For Jelena’s shelter information and donations, please see the following:

Visit Jeans (Uk) Tail Wags Shop to either donate goods to be sold, or to buy goods in support of Serbian dogs at the shelter: