Uk: Three workers suspended and CCTV installed in organic abattoir following cruelty allegations




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WARNING  Animal Suffering / Death

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Three workers suspended and CCTV installed in organic abattoir following cruelty allegations

Posted 11 December 2009

Three slaughtermen have been suspended from a Soil Association-approved abattoir following an undercover investigation by Animal Aid that reveals what the government regulatory body, the Meat Hygiene Service (MHS), describes as ‘clear evidence of breaches of animal welfare legislation’.

The national campaign group’s footage of pigs and sheep being killed was shot secretly between October 19 and November 3 at Tom Lang Ltd, in Ashburton, Devon. The evidence was handed to the MHS. The film shows animals being kicked, slapped and thrown; improperly stunned; and even decapitated while they may still have been alive.

In a formal response to Animal Aid, the MHS has said that, as well as the suspension of the three workers, the plant operator has now installed CCTV ‘to record the slaughtering process’. This is in line with Animal Aid’s key campaign objective to see the compulsory introduction of CCTV in all British abattoirs and for the footage obtained to be periodically reviewed by an independent panel. The MHS has also announced that ‘evidence to support a potential prosecution of [T Lang’s] slaughterhouse operator and slaughterers is being collated’.

The Lang investigation is published less than four months after the release of 40 hours of Animal Aid footage shot secretly at three mainstream, non-organic abattoirs. That earlier footage showed ewes being stunned while baby lambs still suckled at their teats – as well as pigs and sheep being kicked, shoved and dragged. A slaughterman at one of the abattoirs – AC Hopkins, in Taunton, Somerset – faces prosecution under the animal welfare legislation.

Animal Aid declared at the time of publication of footage from those three abattoirs that it ‘convincingly disposes of the myth of stress- and pain-free humane slaughter’, given that the abattoirs in which filming took place were randomly selected. Tom Lang Ltd was also randomly selected for investigation, with a view to discovering how much better animals fare in a typical Soil Association-approved abattoir that produces organic meat. The new footage reveals that animals are at risk of random violence and practices that increase their pain and fear, whatever the system of killing.

Says Animal Aid Head of Campaigns, Kate Fowler:

‘The public is encouraged to believe that animals are killed in a humane, competent and considerate manner in mainstream British slaughterhouses. Our detailed secret filming over recent months in four establishments presents an unprecedented record of the horrors that are the everyday norm. We see animals subjected to random violence and incompetent practices that have clearly dismayed and alarmed the official industry regulatory body. That we should see such scenes in a Soil Association-approved abattoir will be especially distressing for those who expected better from such establishments. The evidence we have been accumulating points to a simple truth: the production and killing of animals for meat is an ugly, violent, business – however the final product is labelled. At the very least, CCTV must be installed in all British abattoirs so that some light is shone on the process. That won’t end the suffering but it could reduce it.’

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WARNING  Animal Suffering / Death

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India: Homes Required Plus Lots of other Things !





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Hey friends,

its good to see new members joining the gang, and taking part in helping animals.

if its ok with all of u, i would like if we all introduced ourselves to each other.

i will start with myself-

charu shah- mumbai, love animals and try to get them good homes in bombay. also try to give whatever medication i can and spread news about using correct medication and help people in bringing up young pups and kittens. 


Hi Friends,

2. Santosh Rajashekar – Bangalore – i work voluntarily for CUPA, work in different areas like adoptions of animals, fundraising, cruelty cases, human awareness and volunteers.

Thanks and Regards
Santosh Rajashekar

3. Sourabh Edwankar (98201 22617)  – Volunteer for IDA & PAWS. A group of us work togather in Borivali/ Kandivali area of Mumbai. We do sterilisations, transport sick animals to hospitals, vaccinations.



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Sadhwi Sondhi



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Hi all,

Please I need help finding good homes for my puppies. All 8 and mother
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Thank you for your help


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Sadhwi Sondhi 


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Sadhwi Sondhi 


Hi people,

Taking forward the initiative taken by Charu, I have floated a Google spreadsheet which is accessible to all. Here is the link: 

You can upload your details. Personal information like phone no., etc. is optional. If you want to add some new column, please go ahead. But before closing please click on this option from the dropdown menu: File——> Save & Close so that your details are saved.

I hope this will give us all an access more clearly to who all is there on the group and their interests, etc.

I have filled in the details of Charu, Rajashekhar and mine. Please let me know if you encounter any problem in accessing the above.

Thanks and Regards,

Disha Sharan.

Uk: Videos To Watch and Enjoy – British Wildlife (BBC)




Beautiful wildlife on and around the British Isles.

Every year the BBC, which is world famous for its wildlife programmes, produces a series for Uk viewers relevant to the time of year.

The last series, ‘Autumnwatch’ presented a range of programmes, each dedicated to specific wildlife issues and animals around the Uk.  The programmes were presented by Chiris, Kate and Simon, have some excellent wildlife footage as well as being very educational.

The quirky, mad, nutty, have a good laugh side of the British and their humour is also shown in all of the programmes.

Click on the following link to get the ‘homepage’ video;

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Pine Martens

Autumn Montage

Musical Montage

Best Bits

Cairngorms Ptarmigan

Dawn Rooks

Using the tabs along the top of the homepage, there are a host of other articles, issues and photographs all relating to British wildlife in the Autumn.

Enjoy !


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Serbia: New Information of Terrible Suffering at Smederevo City Pound


Contact e mail addresses: ; ; ; Predsednik skupstine ; ; ; ; Vlada Terzin ; Dragan Djilas ; ;

Smederevo city, Serbia, is known to us as a place in the past where live dogs were simply left on the city dump; sometimes wrapped up alive in plastic bags or even sometimes put into plastic sacks and left on the dump. They were known as the ‘Living Garbage’ – See the photographic evidence ‘a’  following:

Photographic Evidence – ‘Living Garbage’ on Smederevo city dump:   click on the link ‘a’


Smederevo city is near to Belgrade.  The Serbian alliance have now been provided with yet more evidence from a citizen of Smederevo, who writes that dogs in the city pound are extremely tiny, literally just skin and bone.  Cannibalism is present in the dogs living at the pound.

Allegedly, there are only two workers; dogcatchers at the facility.  These people allegedly take the food which is supposed to be given to the dogs and instead sell it themselves.  The dogs have virtually nothing in the way of shelter, as can be seen from the photograph.  The yard is covered with wet mud and dog excrement.  All the dogs get to eat is some parts of old, mouldy loaves of bread.  The dogcatchers when asked say that the dogs do not need to be given water because it is raining !

Dogs at the facility, which can hardly be called a city ‘shelter’, are never vaccinated, they receive no veterinary care. 

The public garbage collection firm who is responsible for the facility, ‘JKP Komunalac, Smederevo’, allegedly receives around 5 MILLION Dinar every year for this ‘shelter / pound’ to be operated.

Serbian activists have just filed a charge to the Public Attorney of Smederevo, to the police and also to the Republic of Serbia Veterinary Inspection, through Mrs Sanja Celebicanin, who is the chief of all Serbian Republic veterinary inspectors.  Charges have been made under both the Serbian Veterinary Law and also the Serbian Law for Animal Welfare.

Mrs Sanja Celebicanin has all the mechanisms in her power for immediately demanding change and for implementation of existing Serbian animal welfare legislation.   Mrs Sanja Celebicanin appears to be failing in her duties if we are witnessing ‘animal welfare’ in Serbia such as the photographs show.

This current situation is not acceptable.  Therefore this information, including all the photographs, and the name of JKP Komunalac, Smederevo will be provided to EU authorities and commissioners demanding that action is taken against those concerned with this blatant animal abuse. 

We have written to the EU Commissioners about the situation in Macedonia this very week;


If now we have to write yet again to EU Commissioners about Serbian animal cruelty, then it will be done.

Further news of this situation will be published as it is obtained.


Ministarstvo poljoprivrede,šumarstva i vodoprivrede Republike Srbije

Uprava za veterinu-Sektor veterinarske inspekcije, Beograd   , molimo da postupite i da prosledite područno nadležnoj Rep.veterinarskoj inspekciji  i da tražite izveštaj  od iste

MUP RS, Beograd , molimo prosledite mesnonadležnoj PU Smederevo

Opštinsko javno tužilaštvo, Smederevo



Držanja velikog broja neobeženih , nevakcinisanih pasa u neuslovnom objektu  koji ne ispunjava veterinarsko-sanitarne uslove te stoga ili nema Rešenje o ispunjenim veterinarsko-sanitarnim uslovima i upisu u Registar objekata  ili je ono falsifikat činjeničnog stanja koje možete videti na priloženoj  fotografiji, jednoj od mnogobrojnih koje su nam dostavljene od strane gradjana Smedereva .

Psi zatvoreni u ovaj objekat  zlostavljani su izgladnjivanjem, nema veterinarskog nadzora niti  radnici  održavaju higijenu, te  psi borave u ekstremno nehigijenskim uslovima  u velikom čoporu ,usled čega su izloženi zarazama i medjusobnom povredjivanju te kanibalizmu .

Ako i postoji kancelarija za rukovodioce ovog sektora u Smederevu-zoohigijenske službe , kao deo ovog objekta- prihvatilišta , sumnjamo da je i ona čista s obzirom na nehigijenske uslove u kojima borave životinje , mada je u ovom slučaju održavanje higijene u prostorijama u kojima borave ljudi  od sekundarnog značaja, jer se radi o milionima dinara  javnog novca namenjenog zbrinjavanju napuštenih životinja tokom proteklih nekoliko godina – gde je onda taj novac ,jer životinje  su na blatnjavoj ledini, gladne, žedne, mokre ,promrzle, nevakcinisane, neobeležene –zlostavljane .

Molimo da područnonadležna rep.veterinarska inspekcija  , kao i policija i ojt  ,  postupe u skladu s važećim zakonima koji se odnose na ovu oblast i svojim službenim dužnostima .

Dostavljamo vam dokaze  krivičnog dela zlostavljanja i pasivnog ubijanja  velikog broja životinja uz zloupotrebu javnog novca – nepoznat je pravac oticanja javnog novca što je potrebno istražiti uporedjivanjem mesečnih  priliva novca sa žiro računa opštine Smederevo na žiro račun  JKP KOMUNALAC-zoohigijena Smederevo , i  računima koji se tiču namenskog trošenja javnog novca namenjenog zbrinjavanju  napuštenih pasa i mačaka , kao i dokaze  prekršajnih dela  kažnjivih  kaznenim odredbama Zakona o veterinarstvu i Zakona o dobrobiti životinja.

Takodje vas molimo da nas izvestite o preduzetim merama nakon uvida u stanje licu mesta . Nečinjenjem se u ovom slučaju postaje saučesnik, koji ometa se istragu i sprovodjenje pravde .

Hvala na  vašem vremenu i pažnji, a iznad svega hvala na postupanju , koje od vas  očekujemo  u ovom  slučaju što je moguće pre, po zakonima Republike Srbije .

S poštovanjem

Prijatelj-EPAR/OIPA Srbija/Alijansa za prava životinja