India: Excellent News – High Court Allows Strays to be Fed as a Central Reason to the Sterlization and Immunization Scheme for CONTROLLING STRAY DOG POPULATION NUMBERS, and Preventing the Spread of Rabies





Some really excellent news from India – congratulations to all the campaigners there who have had the courage to fight in the courts, to win and as a result, save so many animals.

Thanks also to the Judges who understood and accepted the reasons put before them.

A fantastic result ! – well done everyone involved – especially Anjali and Rishi.

What a pity this example cannot be learned from and followed in many other nations, especially the Balkans,  where stray numbers need humane management through sterilisation rather than immediate death, the ‘way’ of the blinkered government and authorities of the Balkans states.



It is with deep satisfaction that I share this information with all.  

9 petitions, including 2 filed by the Animal Welfare Organizations, Citizens for the Welfare and Protection of Animals, and Friendicoes SECA, were listed for hearing today, before the High Court of Delhi. The Government of the N.C.T. of Delhi ; the Delhi Police [through the Commissioner of Police, and the S.H.O. of the area where each of the petitioners reside, or (A.W.O.s) operate] ; the M.C.D. ; and the A.W.B.I., are respondents to the petitions.

The petitioners had simply sought that the police be directed to take cognizance of their complaints if they face hostility when tending to, and feeding community dogs. (As we all know, the police sometimes tends to be rather obtuse when it comes to animal related issues.) The matters, before Justice V.K. Jain, i.e. the judge we were before today, had increasingly become an enquiry into ‘why feeding?’ – he seems to share the prejudice that a lot of people carry vis-a-vis stray dogs.

Anyways, we had placed the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules before him ; and the AWBI, vide the counter affidavit that it filed, had stressed that feeding is very central to the sterlization, immunization scheme for controlling stray dog population, and the spread of rabies.  

Our contention was that without befriending and partially domesticating the dogs through feeding them, how on earth would Animal Welfare Organizations/private individuals/local authorities, etc. catch them for sterilization and vaccinationthe latter of the two being a procedure that has to be repeated each year.  

After some back and forth, this is the order that the Court passed :

That dogs will be fed, but that the AWBI, in consultation with the AWOs operating in each area, and the RWAs of the colonies concerned, and the local police, will identify areas in colonies where stray animals can be fed ;

That dogs have to be fed, because they have to be confined to the territories they inhabit, so that they can be vaccinated year after year – and the best method of confining them to the territories they are at, is to feed them ; and

That the police will protect the representatives / members / associates of AWOs, who feed these dogs.

The AWBI is to start with the 4 to 5 colonies of Delhi where the petitioners reside / operate out of, and later, decide about other colonies of Delhi as well, i.e. decide upon areas where dogs can be fed.

A very heartening step forward for our animal friends.


Anjali Sharma

Rishi Dev,

Citizens For Animal Rights (CFAR),
New Delhi.

Article 51A of the Indian Constitution . . .
” It shall be the duty of every citizen of India . . .  to have compassion for all living creatures . . .  “