2010: New Year and New Plans for Getting Worldwide Attention for Balkans Animals

Despite it being the Christmas period we have been working behind the scenes whenever there have been a few spare hours.

The start of 2010 will see the work for all Balkans animals start in what is hoped will be a new and informative / effective way; a way that will benefit everyone involved.

Due to limited resources, primarily manpower, the new 2010 plan will not be fully completed at the start of the new year; but from what has been produced so far, it is hoped that we will be able to present to the world even more data and information on the situation(s) for all Balkans animals in the coming weeks and months.

Early January will see the launch of the new data, which will be built upon in the future.

There are reasons why SAV (this site) has not been updated much during the last week or so.  We hope that new releases in January will explain why.

Please stick with us and look forward to the new year; with new data that we hope will be of benefit to everyone.

Regards – SAV.