Uk (England): Thanks for all your Support – A Christmas Message

SAV Christmas

Well, today (19/12) it was going to be a pond clearing day by volunteers at the local Forestry Commission   area called ‘Jeskyns’ :

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But for some reason; don’t ask why, but just possibly because it was around 4 degrees below Zero, there were too not many volunteers to go into the water; none to be exact.  So, in order to have some fun and celebrate the end of a great year protecting both wildlife and woodland in the area, why not have a Winter Barbeque !

So that is what we did.

Here are a few piccys of the volunteers very cold but very enjoyable few hours out in the Winter sun.

A lot of the time I personally was thinking about the Balkans dogs and cats who are having to survive conditions like we experienced here on an everlasting basis at the moment.  They are not able to fill themselves with food or go into somewhere warm when the need arises.  They are always hungry and they are always cold.  What we experienced today for a few hours is a 24/7 situation for all Balkans strays.

2010 will see SAV continuing to fight for the animals of the Balkans states, especially for the stray and sometimes owned, roaming animals.  The fight will continue to press governments and authorities to undertake humane, No Kill sterilisation, vaccination, microchipping and identification procedures in order that owners of roaming animals can be traced and identified, and by the adoption of programmes towards the humane sterilisation of strays, the ever growing ‘pyramid of stray animals’ is gradually reduced.

One unspayed female (bitch) dog, her male (dog) mate and all of their subsequent offspring, as they mature and if none of them are ever sterilised, will produce between them a staggering 67,000 dogs within the next 6 years.


That is just one pair of animals.  Belgrade City in Serbia kills over 9,000 strays each year as part of the ‘control’ programme.  A small drop in the ocean.  A policy of humane, sterilisation and no kill for just one pair as detailed above, would in effect, prevent 67,000 further strays being born onto the streets.

Can the Serbian government not understand this ? – it appears not as they are showing no leadership and management in attempting to reduce stray animal numbers, other than the blinkered view that killing off a percentage of strays on the streets will resolve all of the problem.  It will not.

Cats under the same conditions as the dogs detailed would produce 11,606,077 new cats onto the streets in around 9 years.


We have been greeted with some great news from our buddies in India today – read all about it on our post at:

We hope that this same kind of approach to stray animal understanding and welfare controls could be adopted by Balkans states.  We live in hope that the Balkans government understanding light actually switches on in the near future rather than remain firmly off.

Whatever and whenever, we will continue to be a voice for both Serbian and other Balkans states animals, and we will be presenting evidence and information to the European Union Enlargement / Accession Commission whenever it is felt necessary.  We have very recently supported the call of EU Animal Welfare Intergroup / Eurogroup President Dr. Caroline Lucas in expressing our concerns about the situation at Vardariste holding facility in Macedonia.  The full story and some pictures from our Vardariste photo archive, as well as a copy of Dr. Lucas’ can be seen at the following:

A copy of SAV’s letter to Commissioner Vassiliou and Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner  can be viewed by clicking on the following link: 

Commissioner letter Macedonia Dec 2009

The year of 2009 has seen a few ‘highs’ but an awful lot of ‘lows’.  But the lows make us all ever more determined to move forward with new campaigns and actions in 2010.  2009 campaigns, along with other campaigns we are involved in outside of the SAV ‘box’, such as investigating long distance live animal transport in the EU, teach us many things, and we hope that we can group all our experiences, the highs and the lows together, to tackle balkans animal abuse as a more stronger and effective group in the future.

I would like to thank everyone for their involvement, support and hundreds of comments which have been left on the SAV site.  Every one is read fully, I can assure you.  Very limited resources do not allow replies to everyone who comments, but we thank you for them; please keep them coming !

Finally, I would like to wish you all a very enjoyable, cruelty-free Christmas this festive season.  Regards go to all your friends and family.

2010 is a new year, with new problems and hopefully new solutions and campaigns to resolve them.  We are not going anywhere, so we look forward to enjoying your company once again at SAV in the new year of 2010.

SAV Christmas

Regards and thanks

Mark – SAV – Kent, England, Uk.

Think of them this Christmas time –