Uk (London): People’s March Against Animal Cruelty – Photographs. ALSO – Ireland: Video Footage From ARAN.

Dear Friends,

The demonstration which happened in London against animal cruelty was a huge success with about more than 1,000 attending the event.  

People walked through Central London. 

It was a long day – some went on to demonstrate outside a laboratory where they test on animals.

The unique thing about the protest was that it was organised by the “people” and not one organisation. It was in the real sense a “people’s voice”.

Here is a link of some of the pictures we got from London : 

HOPEFULLY NEXT TIME THIS CAN BE A GLOBAL EVENT on same day with same issues.


Rishi Dev,

Citizens For Animal Rights (CFAR),
New Delhi.




ARAN Web Site –

Animal Rights Action Network

Dear ARAN Member & Supporter,

In London last weekend, over 2000 people marched through the busy streets to protest animals used in painful, unscientific and unreliable experiments. The event in London was just one of many held across the globe to mark ‘World Day for Animals in Laboratories’an international day of action to abolish deadly animal experiments in favour of modern, sophisticated medical research.

Please be sure to view the exciting footage of the London rally – click here.

Did you know animal experimentation goes on behind closed doors in Ireland? That’s right, these animals are caged up in steel, cold, chilling rooms waiting to be dissected for experiments that are actually holding back medical progress and delaying the day when we can find vital cures for Cancer, HIV, Stroke and Heart disease. In Ireland those same animals need your active support. Since 2006, ARAN has organized the only national march and rally against cruelty to animals in Ireland and each year it grows stronger and stronger!

Watch footage of ARAN’s main march and rallies in Dublin, Ireland. 2006, 2008, 2009 rally footage and TV3 news footage.

Once you view the above links, won’t you pledge to become more active with ARAN and pledge to attend our rally on October 3rd, 2010 in Dublin? We can never overly stress how important your voice and active participation actually is. Leaving the work up to someone else will never end animal abuse. Sitting back wishing it would all end, will never end animal abuse either. It takes just a couple of moments out of your day from time to time, and can genuinely make a huge difference. We cannot do it without you! Please click the ‘reply’ on this mail – take two minutes to let ARAN know you care and take two minutes to tell us what you can do to help those poor animals. They really have no one else but you, is it to much to ask considering the pain and suffering these poor creatures go through?

Thank you for everything you are doing for animals!

The ARAN Team

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