International: Various Petitions – Please Support

Greece  – Ask to revise immediately the Law 3170/2003 in order to transform the abuse to a felony in order to have an inhibitory effect and prevent future incidents of abuse of animals associated with potential violence towards humans.


Save 600 Spanish cats:  


No kill animal shelters for Sydney:


Stop sending animal abusers to work in shelters:


Three eighth-grade students in Australia have been suspended from school after a teacher witnessed them beating a kangaroo to death with a metal pole.

The boys were part of a group from Torquay College that was attending a school sponsored three-day camping trip to the Great Otway National Park.  One of the teachers came across the eighth-graders “bashing the kangaroo” with a metal rod. 

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1)  Suspend all BLM wild horse/burro capture and confinement operations.
2)  Move the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503/ S. 727) out of
     committee for Congress to vote on it.


Bobcats in NH have not been trapped since 1989. However, trapping of bobcats may soon be legal again in NH, if our opposition to trapping them is not expressed and heard.



Australian store Husk is selling items made from rabbit fur. On fur farms all around the world, rabbits – who are sensitive and intelligent animals – spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages and suffer physical and psychological distress before they are killed by neck-breaking or skull-bashing.

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Dedicated local activists have been fighting for more than a decade to secure long overdue legislation to prevent cruelty and promote animal welfare in Thailand. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Welfare Bill has finally made its long way to the final stage of the legislative process before submission to the parliament for consideration, but an agency of the government is showing no intention of returning the bill for submission to the parliament. The current term of parliament will end soon, and if the bill is not passed prior to that, the whole lengthy approval process will have to start again. 

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New York HorsesProtect these iconic animals — tell New York City Council members to oppose Intro. 653.


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