USA: NM MAN (?? Man ??) ACCUSED OF EXTREME ANIMAL ABUSE AND TORTURE – Petition To Get Him 18 Months Behind Bars – Please Sign !

PLEASE help get 5,000 signature goal today – PLEASE:


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Target: James Babin, City Attorney, Rio Rancho, New Mexico and Governing Officials of Rio Rancho

Sponsored by: JUSTICE FOR PAWS,

Please sign this petition and expedite its circulation far and wide. 

TIME IS SHORT: a preliminary hearing will be held on MARCH 15. 

In a most cruel, bizarre and inconceivable method, a dog owner has been charged with extreme animal cruelty as he tried in a most heinous way to neuter his dog.  By the time the blind dog was located on the property, he was cowering in a bedroom unable to move. He was taken to the vet who advised authorities that additional and serious injuries were discovered clearly indicating beatings and torture. This petition complete with signatures will be presented to the trial judge prior to sentencing by our representatives in the New Mexico area.  The more signatures obtained, the stronger the motivation upon the DA, and ultimately the judge to fine Mr. Dickey the maximum penalty of $5,000 as well as prosecute and convict him to the maximum sentence.

As a brief recap; according to New Mexico news sources, 22 year old James Dickey has been cited for extreme animal cruelty when he (allegedly) burned his dog’s testicles. Charlie, formerly known as Angel, suffered severe torture and abuse when his owner (allegedly) tried to neuter him by setting his scrotum and testicles on fire. The accused, a resident of Rio Rancho Township in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was arrested and booked into the Sandoval County Detention Center on Jan. 31. He is currently out on bond. 
The criminal complaint alleges that Dickey repeatedly tortured his dog, a shepherd named Charlie (Angel), on Jan. 23. The Rio Rancho Police Department’s was notified by a neighbor who saw Dickey grab the cataract-blinded dog by his hind legs and drop-kick the dog several times and kick him into a yucca plant.  The dog’s testicles had been burned, according to the complaint. Dickey%u2019s %u201Creason%u201D was because he could not afford to have the dog neutered by a veterinarian. Of little surprise, Dickey denied abusing his dog when questioned by authorities. The abused dog was not returned to the man that is accused of beating and burning him. He has been placed with a new family. Animal Control continues to receive updates on his progress.  Dickey faces charges of animal cruelty – a fourth degree felony which could put him behind bars for a meager 18 months. Charlie continues to be treated by a veterinarian for his injuries, and is doing well.

You are encouraged to politely write to Rio Rancho%u2019s governing officials asking for justice on behalf of Charlie.  They can be contacted via e-mail through the following link:

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