London Calling !! – Demo For the Romanian Dogs – Thursday 26th May – Reminder.


London Calling !!!

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: RE: London Protest : Thursday May 26th
From:    “Romania Animal Aid” <>
Date:    Mon, May 9, 2011 5:52 pm


Dear Team,

On Thursday 26th May we plan to hold a protest in London close to the
Romanian Embassy and also walk along to the Romanian Consulate Office both
of which are in Kensington.

The website put together quickly specifically for this event is below.

Primarily we are protesting about the proposed law change in Romania which
would see the systematic and on-going slaughter of street/shelter dogs in
the most barbaric fashion but generally we will be protesting about the
long-standing lack of even basic animal welfare practices within the

If you could share the news of this protest amongst your UK supporters and
join us on the day we would be extremely grateful.  We have informed the
police and they have worked with us on a meeting place, a route etc.  We
have also been granted permission to deliver by hand any petitions
directly to the Embassy.  We need people to stand with us on the day to
send a message LOUD AND CLEAR to those in power within this country that
they must take their legal responsibilities seriously regarding animal
protection now that they are part of the EU.

Warmest regards
Chrissy Phillips
07971 860405


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