Romania: Sample Letter to Send to Authorities Regarding Proposed Mass Slaughter of Dogs in Brasov.

Proposed mass slaughter of dogs in Brasov

This is a sample letter to write to the Romanian Embassy/consulate in your country, pls google for emailaddress.

Please also send to the following:

BrasovEmail Contacts:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,,,,



Reference: Proposed mass slaughter of dogs in Brasov

To whom it may concern

Please note I have chosen to send you this generic correspondence as it wholly echoes my opinion and beliefs in this matter and is to be treated in the same regard as if I had written the entirety of this correspondence personally.

It has been learnt today through the international network that inBrasovit is being planned to kill/massacre all strays within that area.

May I remind you that if this mass slaughter goes ahead that the government workers who represent the Romanian Government in that area are in direct violation of European Animal Welfare laws, and by breeching such agreements the Romanian Government themselves are acting criminally, and the European citizens will be petitioning the European parliament demanding for a review of Romania’s status within the EU and an investigation into monies received by your government by that parliament.

You simply cannot sweep away these proposed actions as you have tried with the slaughter of 220 dogs in anotherRomaniaProvinceearlier this week on 11th May. To mass slaughter on this scale is not only putting your own Government and country under scrutiny but also the veterinary services in your country.

Under no circumstances is this horrific proposal to go ahead, the European and International community is already rising up against you, these types of actions will only weaken your position within the European and International community and media, and in-turn the parliaments and Governments that represent the communities within them. 

You are forcing your hand to an extent where the people who these governments and parliaments represent will demand you be removed as an EU member and along with this the Billions of Euros your country claims and is given each year by those same Governments.


Your name, town, country


Botosani shelter, 230 dogs were killed, all EU Animal welfare Authorities have been alerted and actions are taken

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