Serbia: Petition for 17th April Meeting Now Closed and Delivered to the (Serbian) Government. We Now Await A Formal Response.

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Regarding our petition which was specifically created for the one day meeting in Belgrade on 17th April; we can confirm that today (2nd May), we have now officially closed the petition

It is no longer open for signatures.

Original links:

It can be confirmed that the petition has now (02/05/13) been delivered to the persons named on the petition – ie. the Serbian government.

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We now wait to see if any formal response to the petition is supplied by the government.  This will be sent to us via ‘avaaz’ – the organisation which we created the petition through.

The petition was closed with 3,293 signatures.

We wish to thank everyone who signed the petition and who made it such a success that it was in such a very short period of time.

Now we wait and hope for a formal written response from the Serbian government on this issue to explain to us fully what will happen as a result of the meeting of 17/04..

If we do get a reply from the government, this will immediately be published on this site.

You can see a full listing of all the persons who signed the petition, along with their nationalities, by clicking on the following link:


It has been a very global petition and we trust that the Serbian government will take note of the global feeling from you all about stray animal welfare in Serbia.  We hope that this will be reflected in their response to us.

Thanks again and regards;