Australia: Live Exports Again; Now GOAT Exports – PM Gillard, DO What the People Ask – BAN IT !!


URGENT: Live goat exports exposed


Live Goat Export Cruelty Video:

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Few Australians would realise that right now, in rural areas across the country, wild goats are being rounded up, packed in crates, and exported for slaughter. Even fewer have ever seen inside this trade.

Last month, Animals Australia conducted our first ever investigation in Malaysia—Australia’s largest live export market for goats. Once again, we discovered that the new live export ‘rules’ are being blatantly disregarded. And as a result, animals have been left totally exposed to cruel treatment.

Across 6 facilities in Malaysia, goats were filmed being roughly handled; stuffed into bags and car boots; and sold into unapproved facilities—often with their ear tags removed to conceal this clear breach of export regulations.

Like so many animals in the live trade, in their final moments of life, these goats had their throats cut whilst still conscious. You won’t witness such graphic vision in this video, but you will feel their pain, sense their fear and hear their cries.

This week Minister for Agriculture, Joe Ludwig, claimed that “99%” of exported animals are treated “humanely”. This could not be further from the truth. With a government and opposition who unwaveringly defend this trade, with regulations fundamentally failing to protect animals everywhere we look, it would appear that live exporters are getting away with 99% of the cruelty in this trade.

But with your help, we can ensure they can’t get away with it anymore. Every investigation, every email and phone call to a politician—every action you take—brings us a step closer to ending this trade in cruelty.

Please send an urgent message to our political leaders, calling on them to spare animals from such cruelty, by supporting a ban on live export.

Some years ago I had the pleasure of having a goat, Wilma, as part of my ‘animal family’ and can attest to how smart, playful and curious they can be. As companion animals they will show unconditional love and loyalty, just like a dog.

But this is also the face of a lesser-known victim of Australia’s live export trade. Never before has the Australian public seen a glimpse of what these highly intelligent animals face once they leave our shores — until now.

Animals Australia investigators recently returned from Malaysia — the largest export market for live Australian goats — where we documented their ‘journey’ for the very first time. What we witnessed was heartbreaking — but hardly surprising. In this, the 20th live export exposé, exporters were again caught flouting the ‘rules’ and abandoning frightened animals to a cruel and terrifying ordeal.

We’ve ensured that you won’t see any graphic images or slaughter vision in our latest investigation — which means that everyone can watch this important video and help share these animals’ stories. But we can tell you that after our cameras stopped filming, these animals will have shared the same fate that most Australian exported animals endure — their throats were cut while fully conscious.

If that sounds disturbing, consider for a moment that this week, Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig insisted publicly that “99%” of exported animals are treated “humanely”. This is not only completely at odds with the evidence — it’s completely at odds with the views of most Australians who know that cutting the throat of a fully conscious animal is not an act that will ever be considered “humane”.

Mark, it’s hard to understand why our political leaders are so quick to defend live exports each and every time irrefutable evidence of animal cruelty is exposed — particularly when it is worth so little to the economy. There was a time we thought that presenting the evidence and the case for change would be enough, but increasingly we find ourselves engaged in a PR war against a barrage of lies and industry spin — convenient but false claims that many politicians seem to swallow all too easily. Your voice is the most powerful tool there is to remind our leaders that Australians won’t settle for spin while animals continue to suffer.

Every civilising step in human history has been fought and ridiculed before being accepted as self-evident. This battle wages fiercely because we are closer than ever before to ending live export — so we will continue to calmly rebut every untruth, thoughtfully answer every question, and passionately represent every animal.

This is our promise to them, and this is our commitment to you, our valued friends and cherished allies for animals.

Could you please spare one minute today, to click here and send an instant message on behalf of these animals?

Non Australians can still take part –

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Serbia: Activists Trying To Save Dogs From The Cruel And Painful Death In “Nas Dom” Pound In Pozega.

Serbian  Flag

Serbia: Activists Trying To Save Dogs From The Cruel And Painful Death In “Nas Dom” Pound In Pozega

Serb May 1

Warning: The text contains disturbing images and video.

All Photos:

POZEGA – PUC “Nas Dom’ (Our House) in Pozega, few people can call asylum for dogs, but majority calls it concentration camp, reports “Na Dlanu”.

The asylum represents horrible image of brutality toward animals which is not rare in Serbia.

This concentration camp for dogs in PUC “Nas Dom” in Pozega, as activists call this place since the scandal of the brutal treatment toward dogs was discovered, has started working in march 2008.

It was founded by two cities – Uzice and Cacak and seven more municipalities who gravitate towards Pozega, and capacity is about 200 seats.

“Estimations are that from the beginning until today, more than 7,500 dogs were killed. Dogs were tortured, killed with blunt objects, corpses were buried just off the coast Djetinje. Now the corpses are sent to Cuprija and are burned there”, said Dusica and Dragana, activists who are desperately trying to save these unfortunate animals via Facebook.

Company “Napredak” from Cuprija has won the tender for destroying the waste from PUC “Nas Dom” in Pozega. The dogs that are contained in the pound are left to starve to death, and if they don’t die they are killed with injections without anesthesia  and in the first years with injections of liquid detergent.

“Among the numerous criminal charges against this pound is also criminal charge made by their former employee who testified about sadistic killing of dogs – a female dog with puppies – they killed all the puppies in front of her eyes, then at the end they killed her,” say activists who are trying to save these dogs.

Serb May 2

Above – One of the employees pulls the dog like a bag     Photo:

At least 15 criminal charges have been filed against the pound and those responsible, but until today nobody has taken any action against them. The charges were filed to the Ministry of agriculture, The Veterinary against republic veterinary inspector, mrs. Micovic, for refusing to react on multiple charges made against the pound. “Otherwise, Mrs. Micovic and vet Bozovic are wedding best men,” reveal activists the connections between the responsible persons.

Conditions in the cages and boxes are dramatically bad. There is no water or food. Small dogs are not separated from big ones, so the slaughter of the animals is common. Also, dogs mate in cages. Pound does not meet the standard rules on keeping the dogs in asylum and pension of Republic of Serbia which was adopted in February 2012.

“Eywitnesses testify that employees are beating the dogs with sticks. The dogs that we manage to rescue are traumatized, they are afraid of the approach by humans and they have scars from beating,” continue their story activists.

As activists, who are trying to get public attention on this tragic situation, further state, it is not known how much money the pound receives from local governments of the seven cities it covers.

“It is known that Municipality Uzice pays RSD 11,000 (EUR 100) by the trapped dog. The municipality also pays sterilisation of the dogs. Nonetheless, the administration of the pound seeks from fosters or volunteers who take the dogs money for sterilisation. The administration does not want to agree that the dogs are sterilized in other veterinary clinics, and they send the confirmation about the sterilisation after,” activists said and added that these interventions are performed extremely unprofessional and that dogs’ lives are in danger of sepsis, as well as cuts are sewed by ordinary string.

Volunteer Svetlana Bozunovic- Lalic has wrote the following from the spot, calling the people who love dogs to join in the rescue:

“Saving dogs from death camp in Pozega can in short be described as pure demonstration of force and evil.

Irena, from the Assiciation “Kosutnjak” was scheduled to come to Pozega to take the dogs she reserved and paid for at the crack of the dawn. I was scheduled to come at 10 AM. The first news I received was that Irena got three dogs in their own choice, but not the ones she reserved week before and paid for. On the entrance to the pound they have set the table and few chairs, dogs for takeover were put in carriers, the table and chairs were turned to look at the grid to the street.

Everyone except the director Svetlana wore white coats, and few puppies were released. I entered and first thing that I was told was that there is suspicion of rabies and that we are not allowed to access the dogs, and that even the takeover is against the law and that they should do that! I took 12 dogs, but all the dogs I asked for, nobody had the anwer. They only told me that the skinny dog has died. At that moment Andrijana Kozic and few other girls arrived.

They, of course, did not let Andrijana inside. Instead of her, a girl named Ruza has taken 4 dogs. From that moment the complete madness began. Few of us who came for the dogs were standing like orphans at the gate of the pound and begged them to give us the dogs we already reserved and paid for. The fleecers picked up and fled to their offices  hid from us and called the police. Four local policemen came, greeted with fleecers and kept us for two hours outside.

We voluntarily gave them our identity cards. Talking to the policemen we found out that one of these men numerous times called the fleecers to pick up a pack of dogs that was attacking his chickens. We suggested him to feed the dogs and that we will help him with this. We also suggested to split the pack in several locations, so they wouldn’t be strongly clustered and aggressive  we offered help in food. I personally asked the policemen to provide me with the paper – document where it says that there has been official warning on the occurrence of rabies, because I did not get one in the pound. He told me it was not his job. In all that time, fleecers left one by one.

The first one to leave was senior Bozic. By his own words – he is an awkward combination of Erc and something else, a self-proclaimed God. Then left Svetlana, and then all others except for one guard. Mr. Rade Radunovic has called republic inspector with appeal to come and previously call the pound and tell them to give us the dogs we asked for.

Of course, criminals knew when to leave the object – every arrival of an inspector after they leave is completely meaningless. After about 3 hours of standing with the hope that we could at least get one more life out of there, we had to go. It was 30 degrees, dogs were in the carriers in the van…”

The Association for the Care of Animals “BETA” from Zajecar, has filed criminal complaint against the officials in PUC “Nas Dom” from Pozega, where, in a period of a year, were killed about 438 dogs, sterilisation without anesthesia and adequate surgical materials was performed, and often the “residents” of this pound were hungry for several days, according to website

InSerbia News tried to contact the officials in the PUC “Nas Dom” in Pozega, so we could hear their side of the story, however, nobody answered the calls.


Pozega petition

UK (England): Stephen Brown Jailed for Animal Cruelty.


Blyth speed driver Stephen Brown jailed for animal cruelty
by Brian Daniel, The Journal
May 10 2013

Above – Stephen Brown, 29, of Blyth who was jailed for animal cruelty

A NORTHUMBERLAND man who took mobile phone pictures of his dogs killing a deer has been jailed.

Stephen Brown, 29, of Blyth, was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison and given a seven-year ban from keeping animals after sickening images were found on his phone by police who had arrested him for something else.

Brown pleaded guilty to two charges brought by the RSPCA of entering land without consent of the owner or occupier in search or pursuit of a deer with intent to take, kill or injure, and causing or attempting to cause an animal fight to take place.

Both charges were dated between November 18, 2011, and April 17, 2012, while three others were withdrawn.

Brown had already been jailed for 15 months at Newcastle Crown Court after leading police on a high-speed chase at twice the speed limit while banned from the road.

Mid and South East Northumberland magistrates in Bedlington have since heard how on July 12, last year, an officer from Northumbria Police arrested Brown, of Fenwick Drive, for an unrelated matter.

His Blackberry phone was seized and the contents of it reviewed.

In all, 25 photos were found, involving up to three lurcher dogs and a deer.

Dogs are seen shaking the deer by the head and biting its neck.

In another image, the deer is “struggling for its life,” prosecutor Denise Jackman told the court.

A further image shows the deer lying on its front with a dog’s jaws over the back of its neck.

In others, a booted foot is visible pressing against the deer’s head, pushing it towards the dog.

The dog is biting the jugular area, “a killing attack” Mrs Jackman said.

In some pictures, the deer appears to be unconscious or dead.

A person is visible in some holding the unconscious or dead deer while in one it is lain over a car bonnet.

The court heard the Grey Diahatsu Fourtrak 4×4 in the images was registered to Brown and that police had seen him in or with the vehicle on numerous occasions.

Furthermore officers knew he had owned a black lurcher which had been recently killed by a car.

A search warrant was obtained by police.

Items were recovered and seized which included hunting lamps, a battery pack, a mobile phone and a picture showing a black lurcher type dog attacking a deer.

Dog Lass was also seized with it resembling one of the animals on the photos.

Brown was arrested and the dog and photos examined by a vet.

Mrs Jackman told the court the case “covers a subject which the wider public are appalled at”.

She said: “These photographs depict such behaviour where it can be seen the dogs are attacking the deer and in other photographs the dogs are present when the deer is there.

“The defendant has deliberately and on several occasions caused immense suffering to deer by virtue of the dogs being set upon them.

“The extreme fear caused to the animals and the pain inflicted before death was entirely avoidable.

“The period of time cannot be exactly timed but the vet is certain it was not instantaneous.”

Magistrates imposed an eight-week jail term on the deer charge and 18 weeks on the other, ordering them to run concurrently.

The seven-year animal ban was imposed on the causing animal to fight charge.

The court ordered that it could not be challenged for three years.

Magistrates ordered that Lass be taken from Brown’s care and given to the RSPCA.

They also ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the equipment seized from Brown’s home.

After the case, inspector Helen Bestwick said: “It is a very serious matter of horrific animal cruelty which has been taken very seriously by the RSPCA and the police and we are very happy with the outcome.”

Brown’s solicitor Graham Crouth declined to comment after the case.

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