Serbia: Pozega Pound – Please Sign the Petition and Tell the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management To Close the Facility Down – Immediately and Undertake the 13 Existing Prosecutions Against Workers of the Pound.

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Pozega petition

Re our very recent post on the dog pound at Pozega:

There is now a petition which can be viewed and signed via the following link:

Petition wording:

The infamous dog pound, ironically called “Our Home” in city Pozega in Serbia is catching dogs from 7 cities in Serbia. After a few weeks in the shelter dogs are being killed with t61 injection with no proper sedatives or preparation.
Dogs in this shelter are beaten and literally starved before they die. Most dogs can no longer walk and can barely lift their heads. Pups only couple of months old are curled up on the ground and do not react any more to the human voice.

Due to a sterilisation performed by incompetent veterinarians dogs die infection. Instead of surgical thread, rope is used to saw sterilisation wounds.

It is well known that the shelter supervisor and the veterinarian torture the dogs. There are currently 13 charges against the management of the pound, but they continue to catch and kill these poor animals.

– It is thought that around 70-90 dogs are killed every week!!!
– Local Authorities pay 100 euros for each dog to the pound!

This means the shelter earns around 400.000 euros per year.
– The pound charges volunteers 28 Euros per dog to get them out of the horror shelter




Please crosspost this petition and get as many people to sign as you can.

If you are an EU citizen then please go to out ‘EU Links’ tab at the top of the page and use the links provided to provide this information to your national MEPs.

Explain that you are very concerned about the killing of dogs at this (Pozega) pound and that you wish all EU funding to be stopped that supports the abuses at this shelter.

At a meeting on 17th April in Belgrade we were unofficially informed via Milos Skalicki of the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, that the Serbian authorities were going to call for ‘better implementation of animal welfare laws’.

If the pound at Pozega is not somewhere where the Ministry should be acting immediately, then we don’t know what is !

You can see the Ministry response to the meeting below:

Response from the Ministry of Agriculture to letter DO NOT CHANGE ANIMAL WELFARE LAW IN SERBIA


On 04/09/2013 you sent an e-mail to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management in which you expressed the view that the Conference about the welfare of abandoned animals, organized by TAIEX and Veterinary management on 17.04.2013, should not be held because it is an attempt to make changes to the Animal Welfare Law, relating to the ban of killing animals.

We inform you that the Conference on this issue is of great importance and it is opportunity to meet Directors of Veterinary management from this region, representatives of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), representatives of the European Commission and the RSPCA – all to talk about the problem of abandoned animals. The aim of this Conference was to share experiences of countries in the region related to the problem of stray animals, control of their population, the role and responsibilities of government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The allegations from some animal welfare organizations are incorrect – who are calling for protest rallies and petitions against the Serbian authorities, NGO organizations and speakers at this Conference – because, as stated above, this Conference hasn’t been organized as “attempt” to make changes in the existing Animal Welfare Law, but rather for better implementation of same.

Veterinary management has good cooperation with many well-meaning animal welfare associations and non-governmental organizations, of which some actively participate and provide help to us in achieving our mutual goal of animal welfare.

Milos Skalicki
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Belgrade, Nemanjina Street 22-26
Phone +381 11 3622-101


Letters from supporters asking that Pozega pound be immediately closed down can be sent to the following:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Thank you – SAV.

Pozega petition